Women and their Work

MacLean’s Question Box

EDWINA SETON August 15 1927
Women and their Work

MacLean’s Question Box

EDWINA SETON August 15 1927

MacLean’s Question Box


NOTE : When a personal reply is asked for, a stamped, self-addressed envelope must be enclosed No notice will be taken of anonymous communications. Writers must sign their names, not for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

Information about educational institutions and business places is confined to Canadian ones.

Question—A. W.: Two young men, 20 and 21, wish to join the Canadian Air Force. To whom must application be made?

Answer—To the Director, Royal Canadian Air Force, Ottawa.

Question—Mrs. K. Ont.: Can you

give me the name of a good book on Canadian immigration?

Answer—‘A Study of Canadian Immigration,’ by W. G. Smith, Ryerson Press, 1920.

Question—K. Alta.: Do you advise anyone who must make money to take a course in show card writing?

Answer—In my opinion this has been greatly overdone; there is not enough work to supply all those who have qualified.

Question—Mrs. M. Ont.: I have a beautiful Paisley shawl, nearly four yards long, about sixty years old, and would like to sell it at the best price possible.

Answer—While I have sent you an address, experience has proved there is

not a very active demand for these shawls. American tourists are the best possibility, although this spring a sale of one of them came about through the Question Box.

Question—M.M. Que.: Kindly give me the names of good books on 1. Bridge. 2, Tennis. 3, Instruction Manual for the banjo-uke. 4, Color Harmony.

Answer—1. Works’ Auction Bridge, $2; Whitehead’s Auction Bridge, $2.50; 2. Suzanne Lenglen on Tennis, $1; 3. Snider’s Five Minute Course, 25 cents. 4. Color in Everyday Life, by Weinberg, Dodd, Mead & Co. about $2.'

Question—Mrs. S.: I want to im-

prove my little shop where soft drinks and ice cream sodas are on sale. Do you know of any book that would help me to make these more delicious?

Answer—‘Dáme Curtsey’s Book of Salads, Sandwiches and Beverages,’ by E. H. Glover, 1915, price fifty cents, A. C. McClure & Co., 330-352 East Ohio Street, Chicago. ‘Fancy Drinks and Popular Beverages, seventyfive cents, Dick & Fitzgerald, 18 Vesey Street, New York City.