The Turn of the Year

Edna Jaques March 1 1933

The Turn of the Year

Edna Jaques March 1 1933

The Turn of the Year

I’m always glad when winter’s turned The comer of the year,

When we can look ahead a bit And know that spring is near;

Can feel a tugging at your heart To think of sprouting grain,

When the days are getting longer And the sun is warm again.

When mother starts to figure up The hens she’s going to set,

And pouring over catalogues To find the seeds she’ll get. And Dad brings bits of harness in To oil it up, and sew.

And plants a hundred grains of wheat To see how much will grow.

And when you’re watering up the stock And lead them from the well.

They lay their faces to the wind And sort of sniff and smell

And shake their heads and fluff their manes And prance a step or two.

With little squeals of sheer delight,

You know how horses do.

The hens are dusting in the sun Beside the stable door.

Or scratching ’round among the feed That’s scattered on the floor.

The sunrise has a softer look A sort of hazy blue And on the fields so deep with snow The sod is showing through.

For spring will come with faith and hope With sun and wind and rain,

The mirage still will paint her seas Upon the lonely plain.

New wheat will deck a thousand fields New birds will nest and sing.

And we can hope, when Winter’s turned The comer of the spring.

Edna Jaques