Your Horoscope

April 1 1934

Your Horoscope

April 1 1934

Your Horoscope

Readers of Maclean’s who have received Horoscope Readings from Miss Marguerite Carter will find eleven sections below.

This completes the printing of the planetary sections. If any subscriber has missed any section, or sections, of his or her Horoscope, we shall be glad to supply them upon receipt of a stamped addressed envelope with a list of the sections missed.

These readings are Miss Marguerite Carter’s applications of the rules of Astrology as laid down in well known ancient and modern textbooks. Miss Carter claims no personal ability to forecast the future or solve your present problems and these readings are not intended for such purpose.

8 MM

Section 148—Mar*

THE great majority of people who were born under this planetary influence are likely to receive great benefit from friends during their lives, at times when they need it most. It shows that you have quite strong occult tendencies and are more psychic than you would otherwise have been. It is a position which makes liquids unfavorable. By that it is meant that any liquids which are potentially dangerous would be more so to you. For that reason you should use a reasonable degree of caution in that connection. Sometimes folk who were born under this influence suffer disappointment or delay in love and marriage although it is not a conclusive testimony to that effect. The effect of the vibration is to lessen in some degree your aggressive tendencies and make you more easily imposed upon than you would otherwise have been. You are probably inclined to trust people more than you should. That is certainly true unless there are very contrary indications in your chart.

8ection 111—Moon

THE effect of this vibration is somewhat out of the ordinary. It tends to make you quite independent and the probabilities are that you frequently do unexpected things. You have possibly at various times during your life been considered peculiar. You are much more a student of human nature as a result of this influence than otherwise would have been the case. An unusual trait of people who were born under this influence is their fondness for things of a secret nature. You have a scientific attitude toward things with which you come in contact. That is, you have a desire to know and understand the truth but you haven’t a scientific attitude to a sufficient extent to make you cold. In fact you are quite warmly sympathetic, understanding the problems and sympathizing with the trials of human beings. Your sentimental and intellectual natures were given a better balance by this position.

Section 159—Jupiter

y OUR interest in humanity was increased by this planetary vibration. It made you more broad and sympathetic and is very apt during your life to bring you friends, associations and possibly inheritance. It is a very favorable position for a fortunate marriage. Your friends are apt to be much more sincere as a result of this influence and they are also apt to bring you both benefit and pleasures. It favors development of any of the higher mental qualities and it gave you originality in ideas. This position also gave you political astuteness even though you might never become engaged in politics as a profession. Many people who were born under this vibration have been promoters of large schemes, usually of a philanthropic nature. You have very generous, expansive and sympathetic views and as a result of them you are apt to be disappointed in humanity at times.

Section 112—Moon

THE great majority of people who were born under the influence of this planetary vibration are quite romantic. Sometimes this quality is apparent and sometimes it is not, but at heart they always have a broad streak of that quality. You have a great tendency to be mediumistic and the probabilities are that you are somewhat self-indulgent although not by any means sufficiently so to interfere with your success or position in the world. You are by nature very hospitable and fond of expressing sympathy. This is a planetary position which points to the fact that you should try to cultivate a cheerful, optimistic frame of mind by refusing to think despondent thoughts. It indicates the probability of despondency although it is not strong enough to dominate your chart. There is quite a tendency in this vibration to cause you to be quite idealistic and to fail to see things as they are. You sometimes fail to be sufficiently critical.

Section 160—Jupiter

AS A result of this planetary position you are hospitable, philanthropic and fond of dumb » \ animals, to a far greater extent than you

would have heen without its influence. A very outstanding testimony of this position is the fact that it shows you should have inherent ability through your natural qualities of hospitality and kindliness. It is a favorable testimony for a quiet, peaceful end of life. Later years should be quite prosperous and contented. This is due to the characteristics bestowed.

Section 172—Saturn

THIS is considered to be a planetary position which is not altogether favorable in its influence over those affected. The majority of people who are affected by this influence should particularly avoid confiding too extensively in those they are associated with. It is a testimony

which points to the possibility of difficulty as a result of secret enmities and trouble with inferiors. In the majority of cases, those born under this influence are their own worst enemies. It is a peculiar influence because while it seems to bring about misfortune at times, those misfortunes are almost invariably less the result of a direct condition than an indirect cause which is to be traced to the mental attitude of those affected. A cheerful attitude of mind should be cultivated carefully.

Section 181—Uranus

THIS planetary position provides you with much more religious depth than you would have had without its influence. If other testimony in the chart points to fondness for intellectual development it is apt to incline you toward the study of mysticism. It would be stronger than any other single planetary vibration, in that connection. It points to the fact that ther« is a considerable likelihood that you will, at some time during your life, be associated with psychics and it also shows the possibility of trouble through such association. It is considered a planetary position which has a tendency to lessen the aggressiveness of the individual. The probabilities are that unless your chart shows some very practical and forceful characteristics you are apt to be easily imposed upon.

Section 123—Mercury

THE planetary position considered here is one that would have added to your intuition, given you improved memory and generally benefitted your intellect. The great majority of people who were born under this planetary influence have very good natural mental powers. You will probably do considerable travelling during your life, which will be done for a definite object of business or duty rather than pleasure. The probabilities are that your greatest benefits during life will come to you through those who were born between May 20 and June 21 or between August 22 and September 23. Your mind tends naturally toward science and humanitarianism. The only flaw in the position is that it does not give the faculty of steady application. You are a very dangerous opponent in any argument and a good natural student of human nature.

Section 124—Mercury

THIS, is a planetary position which bestows qualities which are the exact opposite of scientific. The mind is made much more likely to act from instinct rather than as a result of reasoning. You are just and magnanimous to a far greater extent than you would have been without this position and it also made you much more even tempered. It is a very fortunate position for success in singing, speaking or imaginative writing. It does not always follow that the individual has the vocal organs to be a success as a singer but this position bestows other qualities which would aid. It sometimes points to trouble with education and also with brothers and sisters. You were given an added tendency to be romantic by this position, yet that trait is by no means of a quality to interfere with achievement.

Section 135—Venus

THIS planetary position should increase your general popularity and also increase the likelihood of benefits through the opposite sex. Many people who were born under this influence, however, experience unusual love affairs and somewhat unexpected events in connection with marriage and also with love affairs. You are apt to be extraordinarily constant, unselfish and sincere in love. It is likely also that you have remarkable ability to divine character, being intensely interested in humanity as a whole. You are inclined to be cheerful and optimistic for the most part and to regard the actions of others with a great deal of toleration. It is difficult for them to fool you about their motives, however.

Section 136—Venus

THE particular planet whose influence is considered in this section is dealt with by astrologers as being in what is known as its “exaltation" or strongest position. People who come into the world under this influence have an unequalled capacity for self-sacrifice and devotion. Michelangelo. Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo were born under this influence. You can see that the artistic sense was greatly increased as a result of this planetary vibration. Your affections, as a rule, are simple and natural and you have a calm kindliness of feeling toward humanity in general. You have very little tendency to be snobbish or arrogant. Your greatest unhappiness in life would be apt to come about when someone of whom yon are fond fails to appreciate your devotion fully. You are much more romantic and idealistic than would have been the case without this influence.