Checks Are Fashionable


Checks Are Fashionable


Checks Are Fashionable


SO YOU’RE going to travel this summer.

I While the rest of us toil, you’ll be flitting from mountain to seashore and from lake to valley.

More power to you, and may your travels be pleasant.

To help make them pleasant, plan your wardrobe so that you have the utmost style crammed into the smallest travelling bag. I never could see how a girl could enjoy tripping around when she had to wash out this and that in hotel basins, and tote around an iron to press up things, and endure all those other irritations that go to spoil a long looked for vacation.

The men don’t go in for such nonsense. Trust them to take along sensible clothes that can stand hard travelling without getting that discouraged look which a woman’s wardrobe so readily assumes.

In planning your vacation wardrobe, look at every garment you are meditating upon and ask: “How would you look after a hard day’s travel?”

Naturally, the darker clothes are the best bets for a journey. With so many dark sheers available, you can get the nicest little dresses that will be cool, look fresh, and yet are according to the smartest dictates of fashion.

A jacket dress in checked sheer, such as shown here, is an ideal travel garment. It is dressy enough to wear to church or to tea or to a summer-colony movie. Without its jacket, it becomes a short-sleeved frock that will hold its own any place you may wish to doff the coat. You can change its

appearance by taking off its own dark colored belt and neck bow, and putting on a white set of accessories or perhaps those of a vivid color contrast. You'll be taking along one of those uncrushable white linen jackets—they’re very good, this summer —and you can top this dress with the white coat for an entire “change of face.” Again, the jacket may be worn over a white dress, or a dress that matches up with the colored check of the jacket; and there again you have an entirely different looking ensemble.

I have chosen this sheer jacket dress in checks because we’re seeing lots and lots of checks this summer. The wines, navies, browns and dark greens always look so well when “checked up” with white.

Checks for Warmth

IN PLANNING your travelling companions in the clothing line, remember that the sun does not always shine. You must take along a warm coat for those mean days that come along in every vacation.

Again, ladies prefer checks.

You’ll see a very smart little doublebreasted, checked wool coat that is unlined, therefore not too warm, yet warm enough for ocean or auto travel. The wide leather belt matches the color of the hat, and here again you can do some dickering with color. Say that this coat is brownand-fawn check. Try taking off its own brown belt and putting on a red belt. Then top your outfit off with a red hat, and you have changed the outfit’s whole complexion.

No matter what else you may leave behind, be sure to take along several sets of different colored accessories. Never has there been so much color as we’re seeing now in bags, gloves and belts. And never were well-dressed women so enamored of a fashion. For they realize that they can appear as if they have an immense wardrobe, when in reality they have only three

or four sets of colorful accessories with which to change the appearance of their outfits.

So check up on your “checks,” girls.

They have a dual personality; the happy knack of looking “darkish” when a dark outfit is indicated, and “lightish” when that’s the way the wind blows.