Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

February 1 1939
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

February 1 1939

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle


1. Entrance gate.

6. A------, though he’s no barbarian,

Whets his steel for many an Aryan.

10. Having the qualities of a surly dog.

11. Reddish-brown.

12. One of those creepy-crawly reptiles.

13. Shut out.

16. Chinese lodges.

18. This lady wept even when turned to stone.

20. Old-style name for lightning.

21. Twenty quires to one of these.

23. Clothing for shoes.

24. Place where the current favors you

when you’re going up-river.

25. “The-is the father of the


26. We use--to convey thoughts.

28. This provides shooting for canoeists.

29. Smallest.

32. A small European finch. (Anagram of “rinse.”)

34. Voyages-

Sometimes end in panic.

38. This wool makes warm underclothes.

39. There’s absolutely nothing in it.

40. First letter of a name.

41. An ace-queen holding is the


42. Town on Kootenay Lake, B.C.

Solution of this puzzle on page 39


1. Large, shallow dish.

2. This Canadian bird prefers to live in


3. “Three--and a cow,” was

once a political slogan.

4. Bobcat.

5. Small stream.

6. Having no hair on the crown.

7. Foreign.

8. “Well done!”

9. Her dress was ruined, so she

naturally sought---.

14. The chess player’s cry of victory.

15. Member of a Protestant church that

rejects the doctrine of the Trinity. 17. Plays for money.

19. Make better.

22. Sorrowful.

23. What a young man ought to know:

Can she cook and can she---?

25. Peace pipe.

27. He dusts the eyes of sleepy children.

30. Adam’s first garment.

31. The wine was so —

It made them harmonic.

32. How can you weigh a fish without

its —-s?

33. Puts to flight.

35. Children know best the ice-cream


36. Deeds.

37. Russian John.

Solution of the crossword puzzle on page 37