May 1 1940


May 1 1940

Every Man Can Own the Stars

TOO FEW men and women today take time from their preoccupations and worries to make friends with the stars.

If you are worried and fretted, if today's hard tasks cast a shadow on tomorrow—go out and look up at the stars. Their shining quiet and perm an en ce will relax andrefreshyouyput a new meaning into the life you live.

Get the Most Out of Life by Giving the Most to Life

Contentment in life is not determined by material possessions, but by a condition of mind and heart. The kind of world one carries around in oneself is the important thing.

But, when a man feels tired and weak and nervous he often loses his sense of perspective. He becomes huddled within himself—unfitted to meet squarely each day’s problems.

Today many are getting help for tired bodies and tired spirits in a very simple way. They add one tonic food supplement to their diet twice each day. T his food supple-

mentis Fleischmann’s High-Vitamin Yeast. Jt is rich in 4 important vitamins, A, B,, D and G, we all need to help keep us feeling up to par. And, the fresn yeast itself helps you assimilate these vitamins better because it helps stimulate digestion. Help yourself this way so many find worth while Why don’t you start now to get this help so many people find does them so much good ? Eat 2 cakes of Fleischmann’s Yeast daily, one Yl hour before any 2 meals —plain, or in a little water.

See if you don’t soon notice what a difference this eating vitamins in fresh yeast can make —in your health and vitality —in your ability to do better work.

See if life isn’t happier, the stars brighter!

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