Cherry Ripe


Cherry Ripe


Cherry Ripe



ONE OF June’s fruits—the cherry— begins its march of triumph in the spring when it displays its lovely blossoms to an admiring world. Later the trees give us brilliant fruit—small red cherries, with their characteristic tart flavor, the sweeter white cherries and the meaty, delicately flavored “black” or oxheart cherries, just right for eating.

Like most of our favorites, this fruit is j perishable, and you'll want to preserve its j flavor for next winter’s enjoyment. But ! don't miss some of the delicious dishes ! which can be made from the fresh fruit. In ; color and flavor they compare very i favorably with the strawberry, and their

piquancy is excellent for stimulating a “hot weather” appetite.

Cherry pie is probably the most popular of all the many possibilities. But there are passable cherry pies and perfectly scrumptious ones; here are a few things to remember if you are after the “tops” for your table. Don't skimp on the cherries. Have enough juice, but not too much—a “runny pie” may be caused by too much sugar, which will draw out the juice and leave the fruit a bit tough. A little flour or cornstarch, or a bit of minute tapioca will thicken the juices, but above all, don’t have a gummy, starchy filling that completely hides the fla* or of the fruit.

Not enough people take advantage of plain “sugared” cherries as a dessert suggestion. Maybe it’s because we’re just a little lazy when it comes to pitting the fruit. But try this: Wash and pit sour red cherries and sprinkle them heavily with granulated sugar. Put them away in the refrigerator for several hours, then serve them with plain wafers or soda biscuits and cream cheese. They’re grand.

Cherry crisp is a sister of the rhubarb and apple crisps which have long been among our favorites. Cook the cherries in a little water, then drain them and mix two tablespoonfuls of flour, one cupful of sugar and a little grated lemon rind with half cupful of the juice. Put this with the cooked cherries (two cupfuls) into a greased baking dish and cover the top with the crumbly mixture (one part of butter, two parts of sugar, three parts of flour) which may be flavored with a bit of nutmeg if you like it. Bake it about one hour in a moderate oven. You see you can do wonderful things with fresh cherries, as well as making jams and conserves and jars and jars of preserves. Here’s further proof for you.

Cherry Kuchen

1 Cupful of sifted pastry flour

1 Teaspoonful of baking powder Cupful of sugar

3 Tablespoonfuls of shortening

1 Egg

3 Tablespoonfuls of milk

2 Cupfuls of cherries, stewed

and drained

1 Teaspoonful of cinnamon

1 Cupful of sugar

1 Egg yolk

3 Tablespoonfuls of cream % Cupful of cherry juice

Combine the flour, baking powder and sugar and cut in the shortening. Beat the

egg. combine with the milk and mix with the dry ingredients. Place in a greased pan about eight inches square and spread with the cherries. Sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon which have been mixed, and pour over this the egg yolk, cream and cherry juice which have been beaten together. Bake in a hot oven—425 deg. Fahr.—for twenty to thirty minutes. Six to eight servings.

Molded Fruit and Nut Salad

1 Package of lime-flavored jelly powder

1 Cupful of boiling water 1 Cupful of cherry juice 1 Cupful of cherries, cooked and drained

Yi Cupful of diced, cooked or canned pineapple

Y¿ Cupful of blanched almonds

Add the boiling water to the jelly powder and stir until dissolved. Add the cherry juice and when the mixture begins to thicken, fold in the fruit and nuts. Turn into a cold wet mold or into individual molds and allow to set. Serve unmolded on lettuce with fruit salad dressing. Eight to ten servings.

Fruit Appetizer

Arrange pitted, black oxheart cherries and cubes of banana in cocktail glasses and pour over them chilled pineapple juice. Serve very cold.

Two Cherry Beverages

Mix cherry juice with twice the quantity of chilled ginger ale and serve with an ice cube in a tall glass.

Mix orange juice, cherry juice and ginger ale in equal proix>rtions and serve well chilled with a curl of orange rind as a garnish.