Maclean’s Crossword Puzzle

Maclean’s Crossword Puzzle

February 1 1941
Maclean’s Crossword Puzzle

Maclean’s Crossword Puzzle

February 1 1941

Maclean’s Crossword Puzzle


1. Retailer of shocking gossip.

10. Anagram of “pool” is a game.

11. Leaped.

13. To torment for sport.

14. The wood of this fruit tree is used

for drawing-squares.

15. Custom.

18. A particular ritual or system of


19. Aptitude.

20. Man-made waterway.

23. Anger.

24. Mathematical snake.

26. Condemn.

28. Sandbank that marks the mouth

of the Thames. (Anagram, “Nero.”)

30. Far off.

31. Having a strong, unpleasant taste

or smell.

32. Arena for skaters.

34. Traps set by spiders.

35. Brightness.

37. A part of the verb “to be.”

39. A pigment made from the juice of walnuts.

4L Send out rays of light.

43. Solemn declaration.

45. A weapon that often has another

weapon attached to it.

46. Thin mist.

48. “Soul, take thine-.”

49. Essay on a theme.

50. Timely anagram of “nose.”

51. “When I heard the news, my dear,

I was-.”

Solution of this puzzle on page 41.


2. Projection of land into water.

3. Close.

4. Mythical creature with a hundred


5. Fleece of the Angora goat.

6. Donor of five famous prizes that are

awarded annually.

7. A form of heroic poetry.

8. Rounded, spherical.

9. These students take advanced courses

after getting their degrees.

11. Instruments used in analyzing light


12. This you might fairly call A scattered waterfall.

16. Remove the hide.

17. Narrow, wooded valley.

21. Pay divine honors to.

22. A language ends with a metal.

24. Semites, but not Jews.

25. Thick.

27. “Mary was a magnet for the-.

-,--.”—Old song.

29. Metal-bearing mineral deposit.

33. Malignant Brahman goddess or

pleasant fizz drink.

34. Couples to the altar go

And plight their troth for-

or woe.

36. Compass; reach.

38. Decline.

40. Green ones go well with lamb.

41. Blend of blue and yellow.

42. French-Indian half-breeds.

44. Réchauffé of various meats served up together.

46. Give your son and-sun and air.

47. A bluish-white metal.