Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

March 1 1942
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

March 1 1942

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle


1. Britain gave this great-hearted American a royal welcome.

5. A concise, pointed saying.

9. Flying-boats patrol a vast---

of sea.

11. A creamy basis of much candy. 13. A citizen of one country in another country.

15. Scottish, desist.

16. Sweat excessively.

18. Flow out.

19. Extreme end.

21. Golfers drive off from a----

22. Possess.

24. Largest island in the Dodecanese Group.

26. Anagram of “cheats” means to


27. Anagram of “coin.”

28. England has many ancient--

That have escaped the lightning strokes.

29. East Indian bandit.

32. Leader of conquered France.

35. Greek goddess of mischief.

36. Sailors call a ship--because

they love her.

38. A woollen dress fabric.

39. A tool used for hewing.

40. Content.

43. This English patriot led the

Short Parliament of 1640.

44. Pointed anagram of “clean.”

45. Ancient percussion instrument. 47. Burdensome.

49. A sandhill and a noise combine

to make a New Zealand port.

50. A mate for a tiger.


1. A leading American isolationist-

2. A Grecian harbor on the Gulf of


3. Blood relations.

4. A hole in a shoe

For the lace to go through.

5. Worn out; grown weak.

6. Founder of the Ionian race.

7. Any chemical used to produce a

reaction on another.

8. Changeable.

10. A cutting tool.

12. How many stings has a bee?

14. Genus of shrubs of the holly order.

16. Word used by naturalists to

denote a class.

17. A popular feature of many


20. Moron.

23. Anagram of “sweat” may lead to want.

25. Confirmed drunkard.

26. Trees stop growing

When this stops flowing.

29. It is better to volunteer than to be

-----into the Army.

30. Anglo-Saxon poet.

31. Anagram of “inch” helps to make

a face.

33. Ratify.

34. Fate, or retribution.

37. Plurope’s craftiest dictator.

37. Cortes, no doubt, travelled with an---. (Anagram.)

41. A beverage.

42. Marsh.

46. A color.

48. Which came first, the first---

or the first hen?

Solution of this puzzle on page 42.

Solution to the crossword puzzle on paire 40