Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

September 15 1942
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

September 15 1942

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle


1. Very small particles.

6. A cosmetic used for staining the hair.

9. Of the consistency of treacle.

10. Stage play.

11. Cover with cloth.

12. Hitler is a—who cannot

leave the table with his winnings.

13. There is no—of time

between the laps of a race.

16. Accumulate.

19. Britain’s bombers swarm like bees

To-the Nazis to their knees.

21. A very narrow footbridge.

22. A shortage of moisture is rough

in the middle.

23. Disposed to temper justice with


25. Grain-grinders.

26. Islam’s sacred book.

27. Broil.

30. A not so old-fashioned headdress for women.

33. Immediate.

34. The smallest liquid measure

approximately one drop.

35. Anagram of “civet.”

36. A silk stuff variegated with gold

and silver flowers.

37. Anagram of “roost” is a trunk—

but not to roost on.

38. A fruit grown commercially in


Solution of this puzzle on page 33


1. The wife who says she has a

“-husband” has usually

trimmed him into shape herself.

2. Vagabond.

3. Anagram of “gates” has


4. The Nazis overran this country

in a single day.

5. Britain and the United States

have united in the protection of this island.

6. A nine-headed monster de-

stroyed by Hercules.

7. One of Africa’s largest lakes.

8. Anagram of “beast” aids or


14. One who cultivates an art for

the love of it and not for gain.

15. Plant for cutting timber into

planks and boards.

17. Weakly sentimental.

18. A piece of music of a humorous,

sprightly nature.

19. We have ourselves to thank

If life seems just a-.

20. A 24th part of a pennyweight.

24. Russian author, social reformer

and religious mystic.

25. A Grecian cape that has given its

name to a British naval victory.

27. A scale of six notes.

28. Circle next to the bull on a rifle


29. Place occupied by departed

spirits—neither heaven nor hell.

30. Soak.

31. Device to record “spirit


32. Netherlanders.

Solution of the crossword puzzle

on page 30