Foods for Fitness

HELEN G. CAMPBELL January 15 1943

Foods for Fitness

HELEN G. CAMPBELL January 15 1943

Foods for Fitness

Serve the daily quota in appetizing ways


Director, Chatelaine Institute

Milk—Three glasses, each day

Use as a beverage — plain, spiced, flavored (with mint, vanilla, coffee, maple, almond). In cocoa or chocolate, hot or iced. As eggnog, for an extra-nourishing drink. Try tomato milk shake— diluted evaporated milk and tomato juice seasoned with celery salt.

Part of the quota can be used on cereal and many desserts. Or as the main ingredient in sauces, soups and chowder, creamed and scalloped dishes, custards, ice cream and milk puddings.

Vegetables—Potato and two

other vegetables each day

Go strong on vegetables—a potato every day, preferably baked or cooked in its jacket. Other times —scalloped, creamed, mashed, in salads.. .combined with other ingredients in savory dishes.

Use generous servings of two other vegetables—fresh, canned or fresh-frozen. Green leaf and other varieties have special nutritive qualities. Don’t spoil by drowning in water or overcooking. . . don’t use soda in cooking them.

Serve raw vegetables frequently.

Fruits—a serving daily

Citrus varieties — oranges, lemons, grapefruit and their juices—are tops in Vitamin C. Popular alone. . . with cereal... as a dessert.

Canned tomato juice or factory canned tomatoes put through a sieve and seasoned are inexpensive, all-season and fine sources of this vitamin. Can be served as breakfast appetizers or dinner cocktails.

All fruits—fresh, canned, fresh-

frozen or dried—are good additions to the menu. Use varieties in season . . .serve in different ways.

Meat or Meat Substitutes (fish, cheese, beans, etc.)

Get variety by using different kinds of meat, different cuts and different ways of cooking. Use liver, heart or kidney once a week. Poultry occasionally.

Fresh water and salt water fish have protein similar to meat. Can be baked. . .steamed. . .used in chowder.. .patties. . .casserole dishes.

Beans—baked, in loaves, in chowder—areeconomicaland nourishing. So are dried peas. Cheese can be'used as trimming in many savory ways.

Bread and Cereals

Great energy producing foods. Added wheat germ (one tablespoonful per serving) ups the vitamins from your cereal bowl. Stress whole grain varieties but enjoy other flavors too. Serve with fruit sometimes for extra variety.

Whole wheat bread is richest in minerals and vitamins. . .Canada Approved Bread, second best in food value. Serve as accompaniment, plain or toasted, or as an ingredient in savory dishes and desserts.

Eggs—at least three or four a week

Serve them poached, scrambled, cooked in the shell, as omelette, or creamed. Count as part of the weekly quota, eggs used for j ingredient purposes, in custards, puddings, salads, sandwiches, casj seroles and scalloped dishes.