Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

April 1 1943
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

April 1 1943

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle


1. The one who commences a suit in a court of law.

9.-— in gasoline

Will help supply our war machine.

10. Take an upward course.

11. Hawaiian floral welcome.

12. “How are things in-,

-?” chirped the recruit.

15. City of western Canada.

19. Neutral nations should beware

Of being caught in Hitler’s-.

20. Brotherly.

25. Notable achievements.

26. Big shipyards line the banks of this English river.

27. One of the Great Lakes.

29. Indian tent.

30. This type of antelope lives in

African swamps.

32. A leaf of the calyx or outer whorl of a flower.

35. Slovenly women.

40. An excuse for a course of action

or inaction.

41. To the point.

42. If a watch is not this, it will stop.

43. Superlatively small.

44. A fast-flying imported game bird.


1. Those who make-with

Hitler’s gang

May find them ended with a bang.

2. Wrong, faulty.

3. Name formerly given to a large

region of Africa south of Egypt.

4. Eskimo snow hut.

5. Pretend.

6. These are flat; these are round;

These are milled, but never ground.

7. A snake that starts with a

stocky horse.

8. Revolution of a certain period of


13. Weaken.

14. Region north of 66j/¿ degrees

north latitude.

16. Strait between Denmark and


17. “-thou me and I shall be

turned. ’ ’—J eremiah.

18. Science’s name for eggs.

21. Man’s double-breasted coat.

22. “An-for an-” is a

primitive concept of justice.

23. Unused.

24. Allow.

25. A conifer.

28. There is no-for the wicked,

and not much for the good, these days.

31. Every last one of them.

32. Foam.

33. A showy garden perennial.

34. A basic proposition in


(Let Emma help you with this.)

35. A sticker that doesn’t know

when it’s licked.

36. To change.

37. A high structure.

38. A type of vocal music in which

the notes of the melody form the harmony.

39. Swamp-grass.

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