Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

May 1 1943
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

May 1 1943

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle


2. Ontario county at west end of Lake Ontario.

8.—God! honor the King.

9. Asia’s inland sea.

10. Coral is formed of the skeletons


11. Flinch; quail.

13. Portable flight of steps.

16. Thin string.

17. Object of superstitious veneration

used to command the services of a spirit.

1!). Book of Jewish civil and canonical law.

21. Trenches are guarded by--

of barbed wire.

22. Title of rulers of Afghanistan

up to 1929.

23. Savor.

24. This flowering plant contains

the deadly poison aconitine.

28. Canada’s civil servants throng

this city.

29. Commands.

30. Is Prut a state, a river or a

flowering plant?

31. Instantaneous.

34. Small boys leave them on your doorstep every morning.

37. Much of the Battle of the Somme

was fought on this tributary.

38. A colored ring round the sun or


39. The pendent part of the ear.

40. Stone for sharpening tools.


1. Glowing enthusiasm.

2. Architect who designed St. Paul’s


3. A product of the distillation of

petroleum, used as a solvent.

4. A sturdy beggar should be-

To work an hour for a shilling.

5. Completely filled.

6. A unit of length used in measuring

the height of horses.

7. Weathercock.

11. Canada’s bison are incorrectly


12. In vain the criminal -

The judge to have the charge deleted.

14. To “water” a steel blade

15. Sets right.

18. Some political forecasters make

hay out of “-votes.”

20. Anagram of “rates” is a flower.

25. Slaughter.

26. Beginners,

27. This deadly missile can travel for

miles under its own power.

32. This tree contains a juice used

by the natives of Java to poison their arrows.

33. A type of sailing craft common in

the Red Sea.

35. Standard equipment for a punt.

36. A precious stone found in Burma,

Ceylon and Thailand.

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