How Popular Are You?

Answer this quiz with brutal candor—it will help you to get along well with people

Douglas Lurton August 1 1946

How Popular Are You?

Answer this quiz with brutal candor—it will help you to get along well with people

Douglas Lurton August 1 1946

How Popular Are You?


Answer this quiz with brutal candor—it will help you to get along well with people

Douglas Lurton

MOST OF US are very reluctant to face ourselves and admit, even in our own minds, that we have definite faults that cry out for change. We shy away from facing our shortcomings.

If you have ever had nagging doubts about your own personality, if you feel that you want to make changes for the better, you should take the following personality test. Answer each question as truthfully and as accurately as you possibly can before turning to the scoring and interpretation of your popularity rating.

The questions call for flat “yes” or “no” answers. If in doubt, don’t give yourself any of the breaks; you will gain absolutely nothing if you do.

1. Are you usually cheerful, frequently smiling? — —

2. Do you always do what you say

you will? — —

3. Do you refrain from pointing

out to others their mistakes? — —

4. Do you usually face unpleasant problems squarely and try to solve them? — —

5. Do you feel somewhat inferior to

most of your associates? — —

6. Do you always avoid being sarcastic and making fun of others? — —

7. Do you always refrain from meddling in other people’s affairs? — —

8. Do you rarely burden others with

your troubles, fancied or real? — —

9. Do you readily fall in with other

persons’ plans? — —

10. Is your conversation free from

vulgarity? — —

11. Do you eagerly enter into many

arguments? — —

Yes No

12. Do you frequently brood over

failures and disappointments? — —

13. Do you endeavor to get even

with people who impose on

you? — —

14. Do you believe that others fre-

quently misunderstand how

you act and think and feel? — —

15. Do you feel quite self-sufficient

and independent of others? — —

16. Are you deeply interested in the

happiness of several others? — —

17. Have you a variety of interests,

so that the loss of one or two would not be unbearable? — —

18. Are you really generous with

your praise of others? — —

19. Are you modest, free of display

of conceit and braggadocio? — —

20. Do you always refrain from

dominating or trying to dominate others? — —

21. Do you often go out of your way

to help others? — —

22. Are your body and clothing

always neat and clean? — —

23. Do you frequently thank people

even for small or routine courtesies? — —

24. Do you almost never lose your

temper? — —

25. Do you refrain from any but the

most friendly, harmless gossip? — —

26. Do you suspect others of talking

about you behind your back? — —

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How to Score Your Popularity

The first 10 questions call for “yes” answers.

Questions 11 to 15 call for “no” answers.

Questions 16 to 25 call for “yes” answers.

Questions 26 to 30 call for “no” answers.

Questions 31 to 40 call for “yes” answers.

Questions 41 to 49 call for “no” answers.

Question 50 obviously requires a “yes” answer.

Give yourself a score of two points for each correct answer.

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27. Are you frequently an-

noyed by others’ carelessness and impositions? — —

28. Do you possess and talk

about a few strong prejudices? — —

29. Are you rather suspicious

of the motives of a number of your associates? — —

30. Do you feel quite dissatis-

fied with yourself and

your life? — —

31. Do you welcome and make

opportunities to meet

new people? — —

32. Do you often send notes

to or call up friends and acquaintances?

33. Have you a very good

memory for names and faces? — —

34. Do you rarely complain

about everyday occurrences? — —

35. Are you seldom discour-

aged? — —

36. Are you uniformly con-

siderate of other people’s feelings? — —

37. Do you start things in-

stead of waiting for others to take the initiative? — —

38. Are you freely willing to

lend and share your things?

Yes No

39. Are you enthusiastic about

everyday things and

life in general? — —

40. Do you cheerfully help

others to do things that

need to be done? — —

41. Do you find that you talk

a great deal? — —

42. Do you endeavor to con-

vert others to your way of thinking? — —

43. Do you often reprimand

persons who displease

you? — —

44. Do you frequently put off

doing things you know

you should do? — —

45. Do you blame other people

or circumstances for your failure to accomplish many things you yearn for? — —

46. Do you feel that you are

frequently treated unfairly? — —

47. Does it annoy you to have

your plans and responsibilities changed suddenly? — —

48. Do you often criticize

others? — —

49. Is your manner very quiet,

reserved, and dignified? — —

50. Areyou uniformly friendly,

not just feeling that way but actively being friendly and doing friendly things? — —

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