Our Covers Both Torment and Delight

August 15 1948

Our Covers Both Torment and Delight

August 15 1948

Our Covers Both Torment and Delight


Those Controversial Covers

Your taste of the girl who adorns your front cover is not very complimentary to Canadian femininity. I am an American here in Canada engaged in the exporting business and from my observation you sure have prettier women than you have displayed on your front cover. Why not get a few Hollywood gals to enhance your issue? —Saul M. Chuckrow, Prescott, Ont.

• Being an ardent Calgarian, I do appreciate the boost you have given our Stampede in the attractive cover of your July 1 issue.—Louise Dean, Calgary.

• Please, please, may I beg of C.M.A. of Victoria, B.C. (Mailbag, April 15), to spare his scissors on the covers of his Maclean’s, before sending them to

Plngland. Their color and zest and liveliness are a tonic and a joy to us in this color-starved island. Other magazines, other countries, feature splendid children, noble dogs, chocolate ladies, but only Maclean’s gives us the lively human scene, the matchless Canadian landscape.— (Miss) F. M. Fell, Ilkeston, Devonshire, England.

• Isn’t it time to lay off printing those awful front covers and stop tormenting your subscribers with them? As a suggestion, why not give us some nice Canadian views in color. They would really help us to forget the hideous stuff you have been pushing over on us whose subscription money you already have.— O. M. Byers, Vancouver.

Disgruntled Sun Subscriber

After having read the article “Vancouver’s Rising Sun” (Maclean’s, July 1) ... I would say it has a terrific pro-Sun bias. Of course this is to be expected since the author, Pierre Berton, was a Sun man until very recently. You look on the Sun as being a good-natured, liberal-minded affair. I state that it would be more truthful to term it a very socialistic, antigovernment sheet that very definitely employs dirty tricks in competing with its solid and fair rival, The Province. I subscribe to the Sun . . . so allow me to say that Vancouver does not speak of the Sun in the glowing terms that Berton does.— S. C. Miller, Vancouver.

Stamp of Sensationalism

What possessed Blair Fraser to write such a scurrilous article as that in July 1 Maclean’s? (“The Furious Rebel °f Muddy York”) ... Its vulgarity must lower the tone of the magazine and its statements seem to bear the

stamp of sensationalism rather than truth. (He) would seem to indicate that (William Lyon Mackenzie) was a . . . fanatic ... I should like to recommend to your readers “The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion” by John Charles Dent . . . who wrote a sincere and painstaking account of that troubled time.—Reader, Toronto.

Mr. Fraser read both volumes of Dent's work, says all the “sensational” quotes in his article come from those volumes. He suggests “Reader” reread Mr. Dent who did his best to depict Mackenzie in the poorest possible light.-—The Editors.

Benzedrine Addictive?

We are aware of the misuse of Benzedrine inhalers as described by Pierre Berton in his article, “Benzy Craze” (Maclean’s, June 15).

There is a strong implication in the article that Benzedrine is , addictive. We are unaware of any substantiation of this in the medical literature. Mr. Berton has been careful to point out the important difference between narcotics and Benzedrine as to withdrawal symptoms, but he still leaves in the last paragraph the impression that, probably the drug actually is addictive.—G. F. Roll, Smith, Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia.

Although some medical authorities use the word “addicts” when referring to chronic Benzedrine users, others prefer the word “habituates,” which Maclean's used.— The Editors.

More Spirit, Please!

As a reader of your magazine, don’t you think it about time you relinquished the title Canada’s National Magazine? It appears to me you haven’t any more national spirit than a turnip one doesn’t expect to find the maple leaf

emblazoned on every page, but I do think a little more Canadian spirit would be in order. In my opinion the reason why so many Canadians leave Canada is the lack of Canadian unity and patriotism. Too many magazines and newspapers telling how much better the U. S. is than Canada . . . Stop waving the American flag over our parliament buildings you—you— you—E. Anderson, Chesley, Ont.