Maclean’s MOVIES

Maclean’s MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR October 1 1950
Maclean’s MOVIES

Maclean’s MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR October 1 1950

Maclean’s MOVIES


ANNIE GET YOUR GUN: A zestful screen version of Irving Berlin's wild-west musical. Betty Hutton, as the queen of the sharpshooters, goes after the audience tooth-and-claw, but her over-ebullience doesn't spoil the picture.

THE BLUE LAMP (British): An affectionate close-up of the gunless (but not gutless) London bobby, who confronts lawbreakers and begonia-raising with equal fortitude and humor. Enjoyable stuff.

THE FURIES: The lamented Walter

Huston’s formidable talents are wasted in a stereotyped role as a ripsnorting ranch dictator. Barbara Stanwyck, as his hellcat daughter, is similarly hogtied.

THE GLASS MOUNTAIN (British): Illicit romance and heavy symbolism in the Alps. Baritone Tito Gobbi succeeds in making some third-rate music sound almost second-rate.

A LADY WITHOUT PASSPORT: Hedy Lamarr’s serene poker face implausibly represents a tormented wanderer from Vienna who joins other aliens being smuggled into the U. S. John Hodiak is the immigration sleuth who instantly adores her.

LOUISA: A coy, tiresome little do-

mestic comedy featuring Spring Byington as a frisky grandma, with grocer Edmund Gwenn and tycoon Charles Coburn battling noisily for her favors.

LOVE HAPPY: Except for a couple of robust scenes involving Harpo, this perfunctory comeback by the Marx Brothers

is a sorry counterfeit of the fine comic currency they were issuing 15 years ago.

MYSTERY STREET: Despite its prosaic title and an absence of big names in the cast, this is an honest and fascinating crime-detection drama. One of the best.

SHADOW ON THE WALL: As a little girl who goes balmy after watching her mother get murdered, Gigi Perreau gives a moving, graphic performance. Some of her elders are less persuasive.

STELLA: At its best, this screwball

farce approaches the irreverent daftness of “Arsenic and Old Lace.’’ At its worst, merely another routine comedyromance. With Ann Sheridan, Victor Mature, David Wayne.


Gloria Swanson as a silent-screen empress who destroys her “kept man" as well as herself in an effort to recover her vanished glory. A superb satiric tragedy, not for the kiddies.

WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS: Dana Andrews plays a hoodlum-hating detective who accidentally kills a man. A slick, tricky police drama, featuring Gary Merrill as a thoroughly convincing racketeer.

WINCHESTER '73: A superior west-

ern in which two brothers (James Stewart and Stephen McNally) grapple for possession of n fabulously accurate rifle. Shelley Winters tags along as a highly accessible showgirl.


All »he King's Men: Drama. Excellent. Asphalt Jungle: Crime. Excellent.

Big Hangover: Legal comedy. Fair.

Big Lift: Berlin drama. Fair.

Bright Leaf: Tobacco drama. Fair. Broken Arrow: 'Injun' drama. Good. Cariboo Trail: Western. Poor.

Chain Lightning: Air action. Fair. Cheaper by the Dozen: Comedy. Fair. Chiltern Hundreds: Comedy. Good. Cinderella: Fantasy. Excellent.

City Lights (re-issue) : Comedy. Tops. Comanche Territory: Western. Good. Curtain Call at Cactus Creek: Western

show-business comedy. Good. D.O.A.: Detective drama. Fair.

Duchess of Idaho: Musical. Fair.

Father of the Bride: Comedy. Good. Francis: Military farce. Fair.

Golden Twenties: Historical. Good. Good Humor Man: Slapstick. Fair.

Great Jewel Robber: Crime. Fair.

Great Rupert: Family comedy. Poor. Guilty of Treason: Drama. Fair. Gunfighter: Western. Fair.

Hasty Heart: Tragi comedy. Good. Holiday Affair: Romance. Fair.

In a Lonely Place: Suspense. Fair. Intruder in the Dust: Drama. Good. Jackie Robinson Story: Baseball. Fair. Johnny Holiday: Boy drama. Fair.

Key to the City. Love-comedy. Fair.

Kill »he Umpire: Baseball farce. Poor. Kind Hearts and Coronets; Comedy and murders. Excellent for odulti.

Lost Boundaries: Racial drama Good. Love That Brute: Gang comedy. Poor. Man on Eiffel Tower: Suspense. Fair. Miss Grant Takes Richmond: Comedy-

romance. Fair.

Morning Departure: Sea drama. Fair. Mother Didn't Tell Me: Comedy. Poor. My Foolish Heart: Romance. Fair.

My Friend Irma Goes West: Ranch slapstick musical. Fair.

Night and the City: Crime drama. Good. No Sad Songs For Me: Drama. Fair.

Our Very Own: Family drama. Fair. Outriders: Wagon-trail western. Fair. Peggy: Adolescent comedy. Poor. Perfect Strangers: Romance. Fair. Prelude to Fame: Music drama. Good. Reformer and Redhead: Comedy. Fair. Riding High: Turf comedy. Good. Rocketship XM: Space drama. Fair. Rocking Horse Winner: Tragedy. Fair. Secret Fury: Suspense. Poor.

Sheriff's Daughter: Comedy. Good.

(Also called “A Ticket to Tomahawk.’’)

Skipper Surprised His Wlfo: Domestic

comedy. Fair.

Spy Hunt: Espionage. Fair.

Stage Fright: Comic suspense. Good. Stars in My Crown: Old west. Fair.

State Dep'». File 649: Drama. Fair. Stromboli: Italian drama. Poor. Sundowners: Western. Fair.

Third Man: Vienna drama. Good.

Tight Little Island: Comedy. Tops.

Three Came Home: Prison-camp drama.

Twelve O'Clock High: Air war. Tops. Under My Skin: Turf drama. Fair. Wabash Avenue: Musical. Fair. Wagonmaster: Western. Good.

When Willie Comes Marching Home: Military comedy. Excellent.

White Tower: Alpine thriller. Fair. Woman in Hiding. Suspense. Fair. Woman of Distinction: Comedy. Fair. Woman on Pier 13: Spy drama. Folr. Yellow Cab Man: Slapstick. Fair.

Young Lovers: Polio drama. Fair.

Young Man With a Horn: Musical. Fair.