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Maclean's MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR March 1 1951
Maclean's MOVIES

Maclean's MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR March 1 1951

Maclean's MOVIES


DIAL 1119: An occasionally interesting suspense yarn about a mad gunman who traps five carefully assorted persons in a bar and threatens to wipe them out unless the police let him see his psychiatrist. Not a bad little melodrama.

HARVEY: Although less absorbing

than the stage play in which Frank Fay was so wonderful, the movie starring James Stewart adds up to an evening of pleasant entertainment. The ambling Mr. S. appears as that fanciful tippler, Elwood P. Dowd, whose dearest friend is an invisible six-foot rabbit.

HUNT THE MAN DOWN: Just for a change, the handsome detective (Gig Young) in this vVhodunit doesn't fall in love with one of his suspects, or with anyone else, eithei4. Instead, the fellow and his one-armed father go about their sleuthing with admirable single-mindedness. The story, I’m sorry to add, crumbles badly in the fina'I 15 minutes.

LAST HOLIDAY: Alec Guinness, who played eight roles in "Kind Hearts and Coronets,” turns up this time in an assignment not so spectacular but nonetheless rewarding to an audience. He is a colorless salesman of farm tools who, on being told that a painless ailment is going to end his life in a few weeks, blows his savings on a last-fling vacation in a swank resort.

THE MINIVER STORY: A sequel, not only tardy but tiresome, to 1942’s "Mrs. Miniver,” with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon again embodying British middle-class fortitude.

ODETTE: A British film, based on the true story of a Frenchwoman who won the George Cross for her work as a British agent in Nazi-occupied France. I find it fundamentally shallow, with the able and willing Anna Neagle out of her depth in the title role.

SEPTEMBER AFFAIR: An implausible romance between married engineer Joseph Cotten and spinster pianist Joan Fontaine, much of It photographed against an eye-filling backdrop of lovely Italian scenery.

STATE SECRET: Humor and excite-

ment are pleasurably compounded in this smooth literate thriller. It’s a British job starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., as an American surgeon who has to run for his life from the bloodhounds of a European police state.

WALK SOFTLY, STRANGER: Plenty of pictures rated variously as "good,” "excellent” or "tops" are listed below, but "fair” is the best I can do in behalf of this slow, muted melodrama. It’s about a reformed thief (Joseph Cotten) whose past overtakes him. Valli, as a beauty in a wheel chair, is the lady in his life.


All About Eve: Satiric comedy. Tops. American Guerrilla in the Philippines: War and romance. Fair.

Annie Get Your Gun: Musical. Good. Asphalt Jungle: Crime. Excellent.

Beaver Valley: Wildlife short. Tops. Bicycle Thief: Tragi-comedy. Tops.

Black Rose: Costumed drama. Poor.

Blue Lamp: Police thriller. Good.

Born to Be Bad: Drama. Poor.

Branded: "Big" western. Poor.

Breaking Point: Melodrama. Good.

Breakthrough: War drama. Fair.

Broken Arrow: Western. Good.

Cage of Gold: Melodrama. Poor. Champagne for Caesar: Comedy. Fair. Cinderella: Disney fantasy. Excellent.

City Lights (re-issue): Comedy. Tops. Comanche Territory: Western. Good. Convicted: Prison drama. Good.

Crisis: Tropical suspense. Good.

Dark City: Crime, suspense. Fair. Deported: Crime drama. Fair. Destination Moon: Space drama. Good. Devil’s Doorway: Western. Fair.

Fqncy Pants: Bob Hope farce. Good. Father of the Bride: Comedy. Fair. Flame and the Arrow: Dr«ma. Fair.

For Heaven’s Sake: Comedy. Fair. Fuller Brush Girl: Comedy. Fair.

Glass Menagerie: Family drama. Fair. Happiest Days of Your Life: Old-schooltie comedy. Excellent.

Harriet Craig: Comedy drama. Fair. Hasty Heart: Tragi-comedy. Good.

I’ll Get By: Musical farce. Fair.

The Jackpot: Comedy. Good.

Kind Hearts and Coronets: Comedy and murders. Excellent for adults.

King Solomon's Mines: Jungle epic.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: Crime. Fair.

The Lawless: Suspense drama. Good. Let’s Dance: Musical. Good.

The Men: Hospital drama. Excellent. The Milkman: Durahte farce. Good. Mister 880: Comedy. Excellent.

Mr. Music: Crosby musical. Fair. Mystery Street: Crime. Excellent.

Next Voice You Hear: Drama/ Fair. Night and the City: Crime drama. Good. Night Train Cre-issue): Suspense. Good. No Way Out: Racial drama. Good.

Our Very Own: Family drama. Fair. Panic in the Streets« Crime. Excellent. Petty Girl: Comedy «md music. Good. Prelude to Fame: Music drama. Good. Pretty Baby: Comedy. Fair.

Quiet One: Documentary. Excellent. Riding High: Turf comedy. Good. Right Cross: Boxing drama. Fair.

Rio Grande: "Big" western. Fair.

711 Ocean Drive: Crime. Fair.

So long at the Fair: Suspense. Fair.

So Young, So Bad: Girls in jail. Fair. Stage Fright: Comic suspense. Good. Summer Stock: Musical. Good.

Sunset Boulevard: Drama. Tops.

They Were Not Divided: War. Fair. Three Husbands: Comedy. Poor.

Three Secrets: Drama. Fair.

Tight Little Island: Comedy. Tops.

The Titan: Art Documentary. Tops. Toast of New Orleans: Musical. Poor. To Please a Lady: Love, action. Fair. Train of Events: Drama. Fair.

Treasure Island: Boy Adventure. Good. Trio: 3 comedy-dramas. Excellent.

Tripoli: Desert melodrama. Poor.

Two Flags West: Western. Good.

Two Weeks With Love: Musical. Fair. Union Station: Kidnapping. Good. Wagonmastenc Western. Good.

West Point Story: Musical. Poor. Winchester ’73: Western. Good.

Woman in Question: Whodunit. Good.