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Maclean's MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR March 15 1951
Maclean's MOVIES

Maclean's MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR March 15 1951

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A homespun, bucolic and rambling tale which has to do with Methodist minister (William Lundigan) and his restless wife (Susan Hayward) as they go about their heavenly and mortal chores 40 years ago. There are two or three quite good scenes.

THE LAST DAYS OF DOLWYN: This warm and moving British drama is two years old but is still getting first-run bookings. It tells of the strange events leading up to the deliberate flooding of a lovely village in Vales. Dame Edith Evans' performance is one of the finest the screen has offered in a long

LAST HOLIDAY: A diverting and

sometimes poignant story by J. B. Priestley, starring Alec Guinness as a mousy nobody who suddenly begins asserting himself after he learns he has only a few weeks to live.

MAD WEDNESDAY: Harold Lloyd,

amazingly unchanged after 20 years, is funnier than ever in the best sequence of this wild roughhouse. The script bogs down at times, but these lapses are forgotten when Harold and Jimmy Conlin and a lion play tag on a skyscraper ledge.


Marjorie Main cuts her usual raucous capers in the role of a Montana battleax who wins a quiz-show trip to Man-

hattan. James Whitmore is a shady lawyer who moves in on her. A loud farce, occasionally amusing.

THE MUDLARK: Irene Dunne, with a double chin and other disguises, plays Gueen Victoria in this leisurely but enjoyable comedy-drama, an AngloAmerican effort filmed in Britain, Little Andrew Ray is likely to steal your heart as a dockside waif who invades Windsor Castle. The good cast includes the busy Alex Guinness as Disraeli.

ODETTE: I'm afraid I can’t enthuse over this one as glowingly as some of my friends, although its basic story is a fine one. Anna Neagle impersonates a real-life Frenchwoman who did brave things as a British spy in wartime France. Earnest, but sketchy and shal-

STATE SECRET: A lively and sometimes witty suspense yarn, with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in fine fettle as an American surgeon who operates on a European tyrant and then wishes he


Mitchum, as a medical man too stupid to recognize a “mental case" when he sees her, flees from the police with a murder victim's widow, played by sultry Faith Domergue in a style almost as corny as that of Theda Bara. The doc, suffering concussion, has a hard job staying awake. Me too.


Admiral Was a Lady: Comedy. Poor.

All About Eve: Satiric comedy. Tops. American Guerrilla in the Philippines: War and romance. Fair.

Annie Get Your Gun: Musical. Good. Armored Car Robbery: Crime. Fair. Asphalt Jungle: Crime. Excellent.

Beaver Valley: Wildlife short. Tops. Bicycle Thief: Tragi-comedy. Tops. Black Rose: Costumed drama. Poor.

Blue Lamp: Police thriller. Good.

Born to be Bad: Drama. Poor.

Branded: “Big" western. Poor.

Breaking Point: Melodrama. Good. Breakthrough: War drama. Fair.

Broken Arrow: Western. Good.

Cage of Gold: Melodrama. Poor. Champagne for Caesar: Comedy. Fair. Cinderella: Disney fantasy. Excellent. City Lights (re-issue): Comedy. Tops. Comanche Territory: Western. Good. Convicted: Prison drama. Good.

Crisis: Tropical suspense. Good.

Dark City: Crime, suspense. Fair. Deported: Crime drama. Fair. Destination Moon: Space drama. Good. Dial 1119: Suspense, murders. Fair. Fancy Pants: Bob Hope farce. Good. Father of the Bride: Comedy. Good. Flame and the Arrow: Drama. Fair.

For Heaven’s Sake: Comedy. Fair. Fuller Brush Girl: Comedy. Fair.

Glass Menagerie: Family drama. Fair. Happiest Days of Your Life: Old-schooltie comedy. Excellent.

Harriet Craig: Comedy drama. Fair. Harvey: Fantastic comedy. Good.

Hunt the Man Down: Whodunit. Fair. I'll Get By: Musical farce. Fair.

The Jackpot: Comedy. Good.

Kind Hearts and Coronets: Comedy and murders. Excellent for adults.

King Solomon's Mines: Jungle epic.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: Crime. Fair. The Lawless: Suspense drama. Good. Let's Dance: Musical. Good.

The Men: Hospital drama. Excellent. The Milkman: Durante farce. Good. Miniver Story: Domestic drama. Poor. Mister 880: Comedy. Excellent.

Mr. Music. Crosby musical. Fair. Mystery Street: Crime. Excellent.

Next Voice You Hear: Drama. Fair. Night and the City: Crime drama. Good. Night Train (re-issue) : Suspense. Good. No Way Out: Racial drama. Good. Our Very Own: Family drama. Fair. Panic in the Streets: Crime. Excellent. Petty Girl: Comedy and music. Good. Prelude to Fame: Music drama. Good. Pretty Baby: Comedy. Fair.

Riding High: Turf comedy. Good.

Right Cross: Boxing drama. Fair.

Rio Grande: “Big“ western. Fair.

Run for Your Money: Comedy. Fair.

71 1 Ocean Drive: Crime. Fair. September Affair: Romance. Fair.

Stage Fright: Comic suspense. Good. Summer Stock: Musical. Good.

Sunset Boulevard: Drama. Tops.

They Were Not Divided: War. Fair. Three Husbands: Marital farce. Poor. Three Secrets: Drama. Fair.

Tight Little Island: Comedy. Tops.

The Titan: Art documentary. Tops. Toast of New Orleans: Musical. Poor. To Please a Lady: Love, action. Fair. Treasure Island: Boy adventure. Good. Trio: 3 comedy-dramas. Excellent. Tripoli: Desert melodrama. Poor.

Two Flags West: Western. Good.

Two Weeks With Love: Musical. Fair. Union Station: Kidnapping. Good. Wagonmaster: Western. Good.

Walk Softly, Stranger: Drama. Fair.