Maclean ’s MOVIES

Maclean ’s MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR April 1 1951
Maclean ’s MOVIES

Maclean ’s MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR April 1 1951

Maclean ’s MOVIES


BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE: The stimulating possibilities offered by Scotland's gallant Young Pretender are only feebly exploited in this garrulous screenplay starring David Niven. The Highlands, though, look mighty handsome in Technicolor.

DALLAS: Gary Cooper in a lavish but routine western, occasionally sparked by a touch of deadpan humor. Ruth Roman and Raymond Massey are in it,


could have been more imaginative, but in its limited way this is a diverting burlesque on pirate swashbucklers. Donald O'Connor is a shopkeeper's helper who stumbles into renown as a buccaneer.

HALLS OF MONTEZUMA: Lewis Milestone, who directed "All Quiet on the Western Front" 21 years ago, has come up with another superior war epic, although it's less impressive than its noble ancestor. Richard Widmark, as a Marine lieutenant with emotional headaches, tops the efficient cast.

MAD WEDNESDAY: Harold Lloyd's

comeback, a frequently hilarious yarn about a middle-aged clerk who bibulously acquires a bankrupt circus.

THE MUDLARK: An endearing London ragamuffin (Andrew Ray) dives down a

coal-chute into Windsor Castle and inspires Queen Victoria (Irene Dunne) to mingle again with her loyal subjects. Slow, but pleasant entertainment.

NEVER A DULL MOMENT: The same Irene Dunne, shorn of her regal grandeur, marries a rodeo cowboy (Fred MacMurray) and suffers all sorts of indignities. The title exaggerates.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN: A fair-enough Civil War western about a Southern officer (Errol Flynn) who saves a Northern gal from the Redskins at the cost of his own life.

THE STEEL HELMET: Hollywood's first fictional treatment of the fighting in Korea, and not by any means a dull one. A savage, thunderous war story, somewhat weakened by the usual toocareful selection of contrasting characters and by backgrounds which smack of fhe studio.

THE 1 3TH LETTER: A draggy but compelling little melodrama about an epidemic of poison-pen letters in a Canadian village. The cast includes Charles Boyer (as an old man), Linda Darnell, Michael Rennie and Judith Evelyn. Filmed in Quebec.

UNDER THE GUN: A recommendable low-budget thriller about a big-shot gambler (Richard Conte) who plots a fantastic way of getting out of prison.


Admiral Was a Lady: Comedy. Poor.

All About Eve: Satiric comedy. Tops. American Guerrilla in the Philippines: War and romance. Fair.

Annie Get Your Gun: Musical. Good. Armored Car Robbery: Crime. Fair. Asphalt Jungle: Crime. Excellent.

At War with the Army: Farce. Poor. Beaver Valley: Wildlife short. Tops. Blue Lamp: Police Thriller. Good. Branded: “Big" western. Poor. Breaking Point: Melodrama. Good. Breakthrough: War drama. Fair.

Broken Arrow: Western. Good.

Cage of Gold: Melodrama. Poor. Champagne for Caesar: Comedy. Fair. Cinderella: Disney fantasy. Excellent. City Lights (re-issue): Comedy. Tops. Comanche Territory: Western. Good. Convicted: Prison drama. Good.

Crisis: Tropical suspense. Good.

Dark City: Crime, suspense. Fair.

Dial 1119: Suspense, murders. Fair. Fancy Pants: Bob Hope farce. Good. Father of the Bride: Comedy. Good. Faust & the Devil: Semi-opera. Good. Flame and the Arrow: Drama. Fair.

For Heaven’s Sake: Comedy. Fair.

Fuller Brush Girl: Comedy. Fair.

Glass Menagerie: Family drama. Fair. Happiest Days of Your Life: Old-schooltie comedy. Excellent.

Harriet Craig: Comedy-drama. Fair. Harvey: Fantastic comedy. Good.

Hunt the Man Down: Whodunit. Fair. I'd Climb the Highest Mountain: Rural parson drama. Fair.

I'll Get By: Musical farce. Fair.

The Jackpot: Comedy. Good.

Kind Hearts and Coronets: Comedy and murders. Excellent for adults.

King Solomon’s Mines: Jungle epic plus romance. Tops.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: Crime. Fair.

Last Days of Dolwyn: Drama. Good. Last Holiday: Tragi-comedy. Good.

The Lawless: Suspense drama. Good. Let's Dance: Musical. Good.

The Men: Hospital drama. Excellent. The Milkman: Durante farce. Good. Miniver Story: Domestic drama. Poor. Mister 880: Comedy. Excellent.

Mr. Music: Crosby musical. Fair.

Mrs. O’Malley & Mr. Malone: Radio

jackpot farce. Fair.

Mystery Street: Crime. Excellent.

Next Voice You Hear: Drama. Fair.

No Way Out: Racial drama. Good. Odette: Espionage drama. Fair.

Pagan Love Song: Swim-musical. Fair. Panic in the Streets: Crime. Excellent. Petty Girl: Comedy and music. Good. Prelude to Fame: Music drama. Good. Riding High: Turf comedy. Good.

Right Cross: Boxing drama. Fair.

Rio Grande: "Big” western. Fair.

A Run for Your Money: Comedy. Fair. 711 Ocean Drive: Crime. Fair.

September Affair: Romance. Fair.

Stage Fright: Comic suspense. Good. State Secret (also called "The Great Manhunt"): Suspense. Good.

Summer Stock: Musical. Good.

Sunset Boulevard: Drama. Tops.

They Were Not Divided: War. Fair. Three Husbands: Marital farce. Poor. Three Secrets: Drama. Fair.

Tight Little Island: Comedy. Tops.

Toast of New Orleans: Musical. Poor. To Please a Lady: Love, action. Fair. Treasure Island: Boy adventure. Good. Trio: 3 comedy-dramas. Excellent.

Two Flags West: Western. Good.

Two Weeks With Love: Musical. Fair. Union Station: Kidnapping. Good.

Walk Softly, Stranger: Drama. Fair. Watch the Birdie: Skelton farce. Fair. Where Danger Lives: Melodrama. Poor. Winchester '73: Western. Good.

Woman in Question: Whodunit. Good.