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BIRD OF PARADISE: A plushy tropical melodrama about a young Frenchman who marries a Polynesian chief’s daughter. Opposing them are a baleful medicine man, an angry volcano, and destiny — in blazing Technicolor. So so escapist entertainment.

BORN YESTERDAY: An excellent

comedy, equally gratifying to the funnybone and the intelligence of an adult audience. Judy Holliday is vastly amusing as a brassy, blond dimwit from the chorus line, and Broderick Crawford is a roughneck millionaire who has been maintaining her in lavish serfdom. William Holden supervises the lady’s odu-

THE CLOUDED YELLOW: A good British suspense yarn. A former Secret Service agent (Trevor Howard) helps his sweetheart to escape the dutches of Scotland Yard. The damsel, unjustly accused of murder, is charmingly played by Jean Simmons.

THE ENFORCER: Humphrey Bogart

benefits by a good script and competent direction in this interesting cops-andkillers melodrama. He's an assistant district attorney whose job is to crack a ring of assassins.

THE MAGNIFICENT YANKEE: A rambling and sentimental biography of the great judge and philosopher, Oliver Wendell Holmes. We are given, I’m sorry to say, only the briefest hints of the mighty issues that stirred men's minds during Holmes' long career. Louis Calhern and Ann Harding pleasantly play the judge and his wife.

THE MATING SEASON: Stardom at last for Thelma Ritter, the uninhibited housemaid of A Letter to Three Wives and All About Eve. She is in fine fettle in this engaging comedy about a rough diamond whose son suddenly marries an international socialite.

MISTER UNIVERSE: It’s always a

heartening thing to see the wonderful Bert Lahr back on the screen, but his comic talents are lamentably wasted in this trite little farce about the wrestling

MOLLY: The massive Gertrude Berg believably enacts her well-worn radio and television role as Molly Goldberg, matriarchal head of a Jewish household in the Bronx. Philip Loeb is even better as her tired husband, Jake. The family atmosphere is shrewdly observed, but the plot is a tedious formula job.

STORM WARNING: A taut, angry

and suspenseful yarn about an innocent bystander (Ginger Rogers) who happens to see a crusading reporter being murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. The hooded hoodlums’, basic credo is rather thinly surveyed, but the events are credible and exciting.

VENGEANCE VALLEY: A solid, actionfilled outdoor adventure, the best western I have seen since Winchester '73. The story includes some intimate closeups of workaday activities on a big cattle outfit, in addition to a full quota of tension and violence. Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker and Joanne Dru are in the well-chosen cast.


Admiral Was a Lady: Comedy. Poor. All About Eve: Satiric comedy. Tops. Annie Get Your Gun: Musical. Good. Asphalt Jungle: Crime. Excellent.

At War With the Army: Farce. Poor. Beaver Valley: Wildlife short. Tops. Between Midnight & Dawn: Crime. Fair. Blue Lamp: Police thriller. Good.

Bonnie Prince Charlie: Drama. Fair. Branded: “Big’’ western. Poor.

Breaking Point: Melodrama. Good. Broken Arrow: Western. Good.

Cage of Gold: Melodrama. Poor.

Call Me Mister: Comic musical. Fair. Cinderella: Disney fantasy. Excellent. City Lights (re-issue): Comedy. Tops. Convicted: Prison drama. Good.

Crisis: Tropical suspense. Good.

Dallas: Gary Cooper western. Fair. Dark City: Crime, suspense. Fair. Double Crossbones: Comedy. Fair.

Fancy Pants: Bob Hope farce. Good. Father of the Bride: Comedy. Good. Faust and the Devil: Semi-opera. Good. Fuller Brush Girl: Comedy. Fair.

Glass Menagerie: Family drama. Fair. Grounds for Marriage: Musical. Fair. Halls of Montezuma: War. Good. Happiest Days of Your Life: Old-schooltie comedy. Excellent.

Harriet Craig: Comedy-drama. Fair. Harvey: Fantastic comedy. Good.

Hunt the Man Down: Whodunit. Fair. I’d Climb the Highest Mountain: Rural parson drama. Fair.

I’ll Get By: Musical farce. Fair.

The Jackpot: Comedy. Good.

Kim: Kipling adventure. Good.

King Solomon’s Mines: Jungle epic plus romance. Tops.

Last Days of Dolwyn: Drama. Good. Last Holiday: Tragi-comedy. Good.

The Lawless: Suspense drama. Good. Let’s Dance: Musical. Good.

Macbeth: Shakespeare drama. Fair. Mad Wednesday: Comedy. Good.

The Men: Hospital drama. Excellent. The Milkman: Durante farce. Good. Miniver Story: Domestic drama. Poor. Mister 880: Comedy. Excellent. Mourning Becomes Electra (revised and re-issued): Family tragedy. Poor. Mr. Music: Crosby musical. Fair.

Mrs. O’Malley and Mr. Malone: Radio jackpot farce. Fair.

The Mudlark: Comedy, drama. Good. Mystery Street: Crime. Excellent.

Next Voice You Hear: Drama. Fair. Never a Dull Moment: Farce. Poor.

No Way Out: Racial drama. Good. Odette: Espionage drama. Fair. Operation Pacific: Undersea war. Fair. Pagan Love Song: Swim-musical. Fair. Panic in the Streets: Crime. Excellent. Petty Girl: Comedy and music. Good. Prelude to Fame: Music drama. Good.

Redhead and Cowboy: Western. Poor. Rio Grande: “Big" western. Fair.

Rocky Mountain: Western. Fair. September Affair: Romance. Fair.

State Secret (also called “The Great Manhunt") : Suspense. Good.

Steel Helmet: Korean war. Good. Summer Stock: Musical. Good.

Sunset Boulevard: Drama. Tops.

13th Letter: Quebec drama. Good.

Three Husbands: Marital farce. Poor. Three Secrets: Drama. Fair.

Tight Little Island: Comedy. Tops.

Toast of New Orleans: Musical. Poor.