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CLYDE GILMOUR February 1 1952
Maclean's MOVIES

Maclean's MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR February 1 1952

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BANNERLINE: The least impressive of Hollywood’s recent batch of newspaper dramas. Cub reporter (Keefe Brasselle) tangles with the underworld after publishing a phony front page which gladdens the dying hours of an old schoolteacher (Lionel Barrymore). Sally Forrest limply supplies the romance.

COME FILL THE CUP: Another newspaper yarn, crammed with hokum in the final reel but strong enough in its early phases to make if, on the whole, an item worth seeing. James Cagney is impressive as a reformed drunk who handles the city desk.

FIXED BAYONETS: Some crackling

suspense in the best parts of this tough story about Korea. Its probings into the night thoughts of warriors are fairly shallow stuff, but the battles are realistic and the all-male cast happily lacks the usual comedian from Brooklyn.

IT HAPPENED IN EUROPE: A 1949 Hungarian film with English subtitles, still new to most Canadians. It deals slowly but powerfully with the bandit gangs of hungry homeless children roaming postwar Europe.

I WANT YOU: The elaborate averagefamily atmosphere is about as penetrating as you can find in a well-written refrigerator ad in this earnest but doddering tale about the American way of life during the Cold War.

THE MAN WITH A CLOAK: A slow and murky mystery melodrama, set in the New York of 1 848. Its characters include an inscrutable poet (Joseph Cotten), a terrified mademoiselle (Leslie Caron), a sinister housekeeper (Barbara Stanwyck), and a philosophical bartender (Jim Backus).

THE MOB: Broderick Crawford's zest and skill are valuable ingredients in this lusty hard-boiled whodunit. He appears as a police detective who prowls, incognito, among various lawless elements while solving the murder of a brother cop.

MR. DRAKE’S DUCK: A fetching situation, centring around an English farmyard fowl which lays atomic eggs, gets less than top-drawer treatment in an uneven British farce starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Two or three moments, though, are quite amusing.

MR. IMPERIUM: Ezio Pinza as a king in disguise, Lana Turner as a hillbilly trouper who becomes a movie star, in an arch and bumbling musical romance

MY FAVORITE SPY: If you're not already a Bob Hope enthusiast you won’t likely be converted by this, his latest King Lear slapstick. It’s about espionage in Tangiers, with Hope in a dual role and Hedy Lamarr lounging woodenly around in her decorative fashion.

SCANDAL SHEET: Busy Broderick

Crawford again, this time as the ruthless editor of a tabloid who accidentally kills his castoff wife and then has to commit a real murder in covering up. His own star reporter (John Derek) goes to work on the case, and there is fine dramatic irony as well as a bit of nonsense in the way the story develops.

THE WELL: The sudden smoothing

over of race prejudice at the climax of this interesting yarn is a little too quick and slick for complete plausibility. In the main, however, it’s a forceful and moving suspense story about the suspected killing of a baby who, as the audience knows all along, has merely fallen down a hole in an open field.


Across the Wide Missouri: Redskins vs Clark Gable & Co. Fair.

An American in Paris: Musical. Tops. Angelo: Italian drama. Good.

Blue Veil: Drama. Fair.

Bright Victory: Drama. Good.

Browning Version: Drama. Excellent.

A Christmas Carol: Dickens tale. Fair. Close to My Heart: Drama. Fair.

Day the Earth Stood Still: Planetary

space drama. Excellent.

Decision Before Dawn: War spies. Fair. Desert Fox: War drama. Fair.

Detective Story: Crime. Excellent.

Force of Arms: Love and war. Good.

He Ran All the Way: Crime. Fair.

Jim Thorpe, All-American: True-life

sports drama. Good.

Lavender Hill Mob: Comedy. Excellent. Let’s Make It Legal: Comedy. Poor. Little Egypt: Comedy. Fair.

Lost Continent: Adventure. Poor.

Love Nest: Comedy. Fair.

People Against O’Hara: Crime. Good. People Will Talk: Drama. Good.

Pickup: Marriage drama. Fair.

A Place in the Sun: Drama. Tops.

The Racket: Crime drama. Good.

Red Badge of Courage: War. Excellent. The River: India drama. Excellent. Saturday’s Hero: Campus drama. Good. 7 Days fo Noon: Suspense. Excellent. A Streetcar Named Desire: Drama for adults. Excellent.

Ten Tall Men: Adventure. Okay for kids. Texas Carnival: Musical. Fair.

When Worlds Collide: Fantasy. Poor.