Maclean’s MOVIES

Maclean’s MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR August 15 1952
Maclean’s MOVIES

Maclean’s MOVIES

CLYDE GILMOUR August 15 1952

Maclean’s MOVIES


THE ATOMIC CITY: A mere outline of its plot (G-men chase spies who capture important scientist's son) gives no hint of the honest entertainment values embodied in this neat, brisk little suspense yarn.

THE CAPTIVE CITY: This is an intelligent low-budget crime drama about a courageous newsman (John Forsythe) who finds out that a lot of the nicest people in town are mixed up in a national syndicate of outlaws.

THE FIGHTER: Based on a Jack London story, here is an earnest but muddled melodrama in which the central figure is a Mexican strong boy (Richard Conte) thirsting for revenge against the despot who murdered ail his loved ones. He becomes a boxer in Texas to earn money for The Cause.

HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL?: Charles Coburn, who is now seventyfive, turns in one of the liveliest performances of his career in this pleasant little domestic comedy. He appears as a crusty millionaire who decides, in the year 1928, to hide his identity and become a soda-jerk for reasons too complicated for summary here. The era of rolled stockings and raccoon coats is recalled with agreeable nostalgia and not too many visible inaccuracies.

KANGAROO: Except that it was

actually shot in Australia by a Hollywood studio, I find this to be a very ordinary western of the big-budget species. Maureen O'Hara, Peter Lawford and Scotland's Finlay Currie are in the competent but unexciting cast.

PAT AND MIKE: One of the year’s funniest screen comedies. "Pot" is a sensational lady athlete (Katharine Hepburn) who can beat everybody at everything unless her patronizing fiancé (William Ching) is standing around putting the hex on her. ' Mike," her rescuer from this predicament, is an unsentimental sports promoter (Spencer Tracy) who grows to love her even

though he knows she could beat him to death in a fistfight.

ROBIN HOOD: Walt Disney’s second non-cartoon adventure is a better job all-round than its predecessor. Treasure Island. Made in England, the film has Richard Todd as the legendary Good Bandit, Joan Rice as his beloved Maid Marian, James Hayter as a wonderfully sly Friar Tuck, and Elton Hayes as a dulcet-voiced Allan-a-dale. A fine item for the whole family.

THE SNIPER: A superior entry in the department of crime-and-suspense. It tells of a sorely troubled young man whose miserable childhood has unhinged his emotions, causing him to roam the rooftops drawing a bead with a telescopic carbine on brunettes who remind him of his mother. Recommended.

3 FOR BEDROOM C: Gloria Swanson's first picture since the admirable Sunset Boulevard of two years ago. She is cast as an eyelash-fluttering screen star who boards a Hollywood - bound train with her obnoxious adopted daughter and instantly falls in love with an owlish young professor. A strained and dismal romantic farce.

WHEN IN ROME: An escaped convict (Paul Douglas) and a genial young priest (Van Johnson) become buddies on a trans-Atlantic liner. Later they meet in Rome during the 1950 Holy Year observances and this time the jailbird is masquerading in ecclesiastical feathers. There are some amusing moments and a lot of photogenic Roman scenery in the improbable comedy that follows, but the trick ending is more sappy than happy.

THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS: A swashbuckling adventure-romance in which an audacious skipper from Boston (Gregory Peck) and a pert Russian countess (Ann Blyth) help to turn Alaska into part of Uncle Sam s domain. Corny in spots, but fun.


African Queen: Comedy-drama. Excel-

An American in Paris: Musical. Tops. Anything Can Happen: Comedy. Good. Battle ai Apeche Pass: Injuns. Fair. Belles on Their Toes: Comedy. Fair.

The Big Trees: Action drama. Poor. Boots Malone: Turf drama. Excellent. Bride of the Gorilla: Fantcsy. Poor. Clash by Night: Sex drama. Poor. Deadline, U.S.A.: Press órame. Good. Encore: Maugham package. Good.

5 Fingers: Spy drama. Excellent.

High Noon: Western. Excellent.

His Excellency: Comedy-drama. Good. Hong Kong: Melodrama. Fair.

Hoodlum Empire: Crime drama. Fair. Hunted: British crime drama. Good.

It’s a Big Country: Eight stories. Fair. Lady Godiva Rides Again* Satirical British comedy. Good.

Lydia Bailey: Haiti adventure. Good. Macao: Far East whodunit. Poor. Maltese Falcon: Crime (reissue). Tops. Man in the White Suit: Alec Guinness comedy. Excellent.

Manon: French drema. Fair.

Marrying Kind: Comedy-drama. Good. Les Miserables: Costume drama. Fair. Mr. Lord Says “No!”: Comedy. Fair. My Six Convicts: Comedy-drama. Good. My Son John: Message drama. Fair.

On Dangerous Ground: Drama. Fair. Outcast of the Islands: Drama. Good.

A Place in the Sun: Drama. Tops.

The Pride of St. Louis: Major - league baseball comedy. Good.

Red Mountain: Western. Fair.

Retreat, Hell!: War drama. Fair.

La Ronde: French satirical comedy for adults. Excellent.

Rooty-Tocf-Toct: Cartoon fable. Tops. Singin' in the Rain: Musical. Good. Something to Live For: Drama. Fair. Steel Town: Action romance. Fair. Symphony of Lrfe: War & music. Fair. Tembo: Jungle travelogue. Fair.

II Trovatore: Filmed opera. Good. Unknown World: Science fiction. Poor. Walk East on Beacon Spies Fair. With a Song in My Heart: Musical biography. Excellent.

The Wild North: Mountie drama. Good. YOJ Can't Beat the Irish: Comedy. Fair.