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CLYDE GILMOUR October 1 1953
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR October 1 1953

Maclean's Movies


DANGEROUS WHEN WET: Esther Williams as a Channel swimmer, Fernando Lamas as a French champagne salesman who adores her, in a frothy water-musical which adds up to quite a bit of fun.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: This was the last movie June Haver made before entering a convent. Almost any of her earlier efforts might have been a worthier adieu to her public, although Dan Dailey and Dennis Day contribute a few lively moments.

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE: Except for the gimmick value of fairly good 3-D photography and the reassuring thought that other planets may not want to destroy Earth, this is a quite conventional specimen of science fiction on the screen.

THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIU: Watch for this 1933 British item if it pops up in your vicinity as a reissue. It compares advantageously with most of the current crop of historical comedy-dramas.

THE SILVER WHIP: A laughing gunman (Dale Robertson), a heroworshipping youngster (Robert Wagner) and a rugged sheriff (Rory Calhoun) briskly involved in a competent little western.

SOMBRERO: A rambling, overcrowded chronicle of events both

farcical and tragic in a steamy Mexican village, with an expensive cast including Cyd Charisse, Pier Angeli, Yvonne de Carlo and Ricardo Montalban. Excellent Technicolor.

SOUTH SEA WOMAN: Marine Sergeant Burt Lancaster's courtmartial introduces a series of flashbacks explaining how he and a buddy (Chuck Connors) got mixed up with a show girl (Virginia Mayo) on a tropic isle. Funny in spots, but it tries too hard.

TIMES GONE BY: There are nine separate stories in this Italian

omnibus, and some of them are arty or tedious, but the best two or three of them are amusingly adult.

Gilmour Rates

Arena: 3-D rodeo western. Fair.

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms: Sea fantasy. Fair.

Brandy for the Parson: Comedy. Fair. Call Me Madam: Musical. Tops.

The Cruel Sea: Navy drama. Excellent. Cry of the Hunted: Drama. Fair. Desert Song: Musical. Fair.

Desperate Moment: Drama. Fair. Dream Wife: Comedy. Poor.

Elizabeth Is Queen: Coronation. Good. Fast Company: Turf comedy. Poor.

Fort Ti: 3-D adventure. Fair.

Genevieve: British comedy. Good. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Comedy plus music. Good.

Henry V (reissue): Shakespeare. Tops. Hiawatha: Longfellow's Indians. Fair. The Hitchhiker: Suspense. Excellent. Houdini: Hoked-up biography. Fair.

Invaders From Mars: Adventure. Poor.

It Happens Every Thursday: Small-town newspaper yarn. Fair.

Julius Caesar: Shakespeare. Excellent.

Law and Order: Western. Fair.

Lili: Musical fantasy. Excellent.

Long Memory: British drama. Fair.

Man on a Tightrope: Drama. Good.

Member of the Wedding: Drama. Fair. The Moon Is Blue: Comedy. Good. Moulin Rouge: Drama. Excellent.

The Net: Aviation drama. Good.

Never Let Me Go: Drama. Fair.

Off Limits: Army comedy. Good.

Peter Pan: Disney cartoon. Excellent. Pickup on South Street: Drama. Good. A Queen Is Crowned: The Coronation in Technicolor. Excellent.

Raiders in the Sky: RAF drama. Good. Sangaree: Melodrama in 3-D. Fair. Scandal at Scourie: Comedy-drama of rural Ontario. Good.

Sea Devils: Spy drama. Fair.

The 7 Deadly Sins: Multi-story comedydrama. Fair.

Shane: Western. Excellent.

Small Town Girl: Comedy. Fair.

Split Second: Suspense. Good.

Stalag 17: Prison-camp tale. Good.

The Stars Are Singing: Musical. Good. The System: Crime melodrama. Fair. Titanic: Drama at sea. Fair.

The Vanquished: Drama. Poor.

White Witch Doctor: African jungle

melodrama. Fair.

Yellow Balloon: Suspense. Excellent. Young Scarface: Crime drama. Fair.