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CLYDE GILMOUR September 1 1953

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR September 1 1953

Maclean’s Movies


THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS: An atomic blast, miles below Arctic ice, disturbs the hibernation of a prehistoric super-lizard. Taller than the average skyscraper, the creature finally invades New York in this naïve but entertaining fantasy.

FAST COMPANY: A lightweight race-track comedy which tries to be too cute for words and winds up with only an occasional snicker. With Howard Keel, Polly Bergen, Marjorie Main.

FORT Tl: Flaming arrows from the screen

practically set fire to the balcony in this 3-D action yarn about pre-Revolutionary America, but the story and the acting are dull.


Technicolorization of the spicy Broadway stage hit co-stars Marilyn Monroe as a diamond-hunting blonde and Jane Russell as a man-hunting brunette, with Charles Coburn as a rich old wolf.

JULIUS CAESAR: Shakespeare’s drama itself suffers from a long anticlimax, but most of its celebrated merits are soundly accounted for in this tasteful, intelligent film. The cast includes John Gielgud,

James Mason and Marlon Brando — the

latter, as Mark Antony, uttering his lines with hardly a trace of his usual mumble.

THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING: The camera’s cruel literalness makes it all too obvious that talented Julie Harris is a mature actress, rather than the agonized southern adolescent she portrays. Despite the film's evident sincerity, it is too thin dramatically. Ethel Waters, as a Negro mammy, is heartwarming.

SCANDAL AT SCOURIE: A not too coy movie about a middle-aged couple (Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson ) who adopt an orphan girl (Donna Corcoran). Rural Ontario in the 1890s is the pleasant setting.

SEA DEVILS: If you can possibly imagine Yvonne de Carlo as a British secret agent assigned to steal Napoleon’s plans for invading England, this one may help kill — or at least stun — an hour and a half of your spare time.

Gilmour Rates

Brandy for the Parson: Comedy. Fair. Call Me Madam: Musical. Tops. Confidentially Connie: Comedy. Good. Count the Hours: Whodunit. Poor.

The Cruel Sea: Navy drama. Excellent. Cry of the Hunted: Drama. Fair.

Desert Legion: Adventure. Fair.

Desert Rats: War drama. Good.

Desert Song: Musical. Fair.

Desperate Moment: "Chase" drama.

Destination Gobi: War yarn. Fair. Elizabeth Is Queen: Coronation. Good. Fair Wind to Java: Action. Poor.

The Girl Who Had Everything: Crime and romance. Fair.

The Girls of Pleasure Island: Romantic comedy. Fair.

Henry V (reissue): Shakespeare. Tops. Hiawatha: Longfellow's Indians. Fair. The Hitchhiker: Suspense. Excellent. Houdini: Hoked-up biography. Fair. House of Wax: Horror in 3-D. Fair.

I Love Melvin: Musical. Fair.

Invaders From Mars: Adventure. Poor.

It Happens Every Thursday: Small-town newspaper yarn. Fair.

Law and Order: Western. Fair.

Lili: Musical fantasy. Excellent.

The Lone Hand: Western. Fair.

Long Memory: British drama. Fair.

Magnetic Monster: Suspense. Fair.

Man in the Dark: 3-D drama. Fair. Moulin Rouge: Drama. Excellent.

The Net: Aviation drama. Good.

Never Let Me Go: Drama. Fair.

Off Limits: Army comedy. Good.

The Passionate Sentry: Comedy. Fair. Peter Pan: Disney cartoon. Excellent. Pickup on South Street: Drama. Good. Pony Express: Western. Fair.

The President's Lady: U. S. historical drama. Good.

A Queen Is Crowned: The Coronation in Technicolor. Excellent.

Raiders in the Sky: RAF drama. Good. Salome: Sex-and-religion. Fair. Sangaree: Melodrama in 3-D. Fair. Small Town Girl: Comedy. Fair.

Split Second: Suspense. Good.

The Star: Movieland drama. Good.

The Stars Are Singing: Musical. Good. The System: Crime melodrama. Fair. Take Me to Town: Comedy. Fair.

Titanic: Drama at sea. Fair.

Tonight We Sing: Musical. Good.

Top Secret: British spy farce. Good. Trouble Along the Way: Comedy.


The Vanquished: Old South drama.


Yellow Balloon: Suspense. Excellent.