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CLYDE GILMOUR October 1 1954
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR October 1 1954

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ON THE WATERFRONT: A superb director (Elia Kazan) and a hard-hitting writer (Budd Schulberg ) have come up with a powerful and fascinating study of lawless violence around the docks of New York. Marlon Brando as a gentle-hearted bruiser, Eva Marie Saint as his convent-bred sweetheart, Lee J. Cobb as a ruthless dockside racketeer and Karl Malden as a militant priest are in the Fine cast. The Film either ignores or oversimplifies many of the background facts of waterfront economics, but from one moment to the next it grips the imagination. A winner.

THE FINAL TEST: A pleasant, although sometimes faltering, comedy from Britain. It's about an ageing cricket hero (Jack Warner) whose son is more devoted to poetry than to athletics. Robert Morley is very funny as a spluttery intellectual who takes the boy in hand.

THE GOLDEN COACH: Italy’s high-voltage actress Anna Magnani and French director Jean Renoir join forces in a confused but lively and enjoyable farce-fantasy. The fanciful plot defies synopsis here.

THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY: There is plenty of tension toward the finish of this widely read tale of a crippled airliner and its crew and passengers. But most of the characters are banal “types," what they say is often uncomfortably corny, and the bash-andbam background music keeps ruining the realism of the story. In CinemaScope, with a multi-star cast topped by co-pilot John Wayne.

THE STUDENT PRINCE: CinemaScope meets Romberg, royal lover meets barmaid, in a wide-screen musical co-starring Edmund Purdom and Ann Blyth. The prince’s tenor voice actually belongs to the invisible Mario Lanza. His top notes sound a bit strained now, but the schmaltzy old songs are still hummable.

Gilmour’s Guide



• About Mrs. Leslie: Drama.

• •• Apache: Indian western.

Bad for Each Other: Drama.

*•* The Big Heat: Crime drama.

• The Bigamist: Drama.

• * • Captain's Paradise: Comedy.

• Carnival Story: Sexy melodrama.

• Dangerous Mission: Suspense.

• * Dial M for Murder: Suspense.

• Doctor in the House: Comedy.

D Duffy of San Quentin: Drama.

• * • Executive Suite: Drama.

Flame and the Flesh: Drama.

• Front Page Story: Press drama.

• Garden of Evil: CinemaScope outdoor drama.

»• Gypsy Colt: Farm-life drama.

• Hell Below Zero: Adventure.

• Hell’s Half Acre: Drama.

[H Highway Dragnet: Murder drama.

• Hobson's Choice: Comedy. Indiscretion of an American Wife: Infidelity drama.

• » • It Should Happen to You: New

York satirical drama.

• * Johnny Dark: Race-car drama.

[ J Johnny Guitar: Western drama.

• • The Kidnappers: Drama.

*•• Knock on Wood: Comedy.

• •* The Living Desert: Wildlife.

• Living It Up: Comedy.

• The Long Wait: Mystery.

• • Loophole: Crime drama.

• The Love Lottery: Comedy.

« • The Maggie: British comedy.

• Make Haste to Live: Drama.

• • Man With a Million: Comedy.

• Marlag ‘O’ Prison Camp: Drama.

• • Men of the Fighting Lady: War.

• • Miami Story: Crime drama.

• • New Faces: C'Scope revue.

• •• Night People: Espionage drama.

• • The Pickwick Papers: Comedy.

• Prince Valiant: Adventure.

• Red Garters: Western comedy.

• Rhapsody: Drama plus music.

LJ Riding Shotgun: Western.

• •• Riot in Cell Block 11: Prison


• River of No Return: Western.

• Rose Marie: Musical.

• Scotch on the Rocks: Comedy.

• She Couldn't Say No: Comedy.

• Siege at Red River: Western.

• • • The Stratford Adventure: Docu-

mentary on Shakespeare Festival.

• • Tennessee Champ: Ring comedy.

• • Them!: Science-fiction thriller.

• Three Coins in the Fountain: C'Scope romantic drama.

• • Top Banana: Burlesque comedy.

• Witness to Murder: Suspense.

• • You Know What Sailors Are:

British comedy.