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CLYDE GILMOUR October 15 1954
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR October 15 1954

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department of civilized light entertainment, this long but unlagging romantic comedy is a highly enjoyable entry. Based on a Broadway stage hit, it’s a chromium-plated modernization of the Cinderella plot.

The principals include a chauffeur’s daughter (Audrey Hepburn), a millionaire playboy (William Holden),

and the latter’s businesslike older

brother (Humphrey Bogart), all of whom are in fine fettle.


ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE: There are enough superb moments in this made-in-Mexico version of Defoe’s classic novel to outweigh its occasional dullness of camera style. Irish actor Dan O’Herlihy portrays literature’s best-known shipwreck victim.

A BULLET IS WAITING: A vengeful sheriff (Stephen McNally) and his prisoner (Rory Calhoun) plod through a lot of woolly drama on Jean Simmons’ sheep ranch. Excellent outdoor photography.

THE CAINE MUTINY: Although toned down in comparison with the book and the play, Herman Wouk’s seagoing drama is still a compelling thing in Stanley Kramer’s Hollywood production. In the satisfying cast are Humphrey Bogart (as the complicated Captain Queeg), Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray, Jose Ferrer.

AN INSPECTOR CALLS: Not even the adroit Alastair Sim, in a noncomedy role as a mysterious investigator, can overcome the sluggish pace and contrived coincidences of this social-conscience drama, adapted from a J. B. Priestley play.

REAR WINDOW: Suspense-czar Alfred Hitchcock’s latest is his best in years. It’s a funny, earthy chiller about a well-intentioned Peeping Tom (James Stewart) who begins to suspect that a hideous murder has just been committed by an apartment neighbor. Grace Kelly, as our man’s ardent Park Avenue sweetie, adds to the total pleasures.

TANGANYIKA: A corny pulp-fiction jungle mellerdrammer. With Van Heflin, Ruth Roman, Howard Duff.

Gilmour’s Guide to the Current Crop

About Mrs. Leslie: Drama. Fair. Apache: Indian western. Excellent.

Bad for Each Other: Drama. Poor.

The Bigamist: Drama. Fair.

Captain’s Paradise: Comedy. Excellent. Carnival Story: Sexy melodrama. Fair.

Dangerous Mission: Suspense. Fair.

Dial M for Murder: Suspense. Good. Doctor in the House: Comedy. Fair.

Executive Suite: Drama. Excellent.

Final Test: British comedy. Good.

Front Page Story: Press drama. Fair.

Garden of Evil: Drama. Fair.

Golden Coach: Farce-fantasy. Good. Gypsy Colt: Farm-life drama. Good.

Heidi: Children’s story. Good.

Hell Below Zero: Adventure. Fair.

Hell’s Half Acre: Drama. Fair.

High and the Mighty: Drama. Fair. Highway Dragnet: Murder drama. Poor. Hobson’s Choice: Comedy. Excellent.

Indiscretion of an American Wife: Infidelity drama. Poor.

It Should Happen to You: New York satirical comedy. Excellent.

Johnny Dark: Race-car drama. Good. Johnny Guitar: Western drama. Poor.

The Kidnappers: Drama. Good.

Knock on Wood: Comedy. Excellent.

Living Desert: Disney wildlife. Excellent. Living It Up: Comedy. Fair.

The Long Wait: Mystery. Fair.

Love Lottery: Comedy. Fair.

The Maggie: British comedy. Good.

Man With a Million: Comedy. Good. Marlag ‘O’ Prison Camp: Drama. Fair. Men of the Fighting Lady: War. Good.

New Faces: Broadway revue. Good.

On the Waterfront: Drama. Excellent.

Pickwick Papers: Comedy. Good.

Prince Valiant: Adventure. Fair.

Red Garters: Western comedy. Fair. Riding Shotgun: Western. Poor.

Riot in Cell Block 1 1 : Drama. Excellent. River of No Return: Western. Fair.

Scotch on the Rocks: Comedy. Fair. Student Prince: Musical. Fair.

Them!: Science-fiction thriller. Good. Three Coins in the Fountain: Romantic drama. Fair.

Top Banana: Burlesque comedy. Good. Witness to Murder: Suspense. Fair.

You Know What Sailors Are: British

comedy. Good.