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CLYDE GILMOUR November 15 1954
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR November 15 1954

Maclean’s Movies


BEST BET 7 BRIDES FOR 7 BROTHERS: The womenfolk of a sedate Oregon town are delightfully invaded by a tribe of brawling bachelors in this fast and funny CinemaScope musical, one of Hollywood's best in that department. Synthetic outdoor backdrops look oddly out of place in some scenes, but the show happily brims with gusto and melody. Howard Keel and Jane Powell top the cast.

THE GAMBLER FROM NATCHEZ: A sword-and-bosom mellerdrammer of the Old South, with a couple of exciting action scenes. But the manly hero (Dale Robertson) and the sneering villain (Kevin McCarthy) are empty stock characters.

THE GREEN SCARF: A rather contrived and jumbled courtroom drama from Britain. However, the story, based on a French novel, has a compelling situation: a man on trial for murder is blind, deaf and dumb. An eccentric old lawyer (Michael Redgrave) defends him.

KING RICHARD AND THE CRUSADERS: Sharp widescreen photography and clever use of stereophonic sound help to atone for the frenzied music and some silly overacting in a CinemaScope item adapted from Sir Walter Scott’s novel, The Talisman. As Saladin, jaunty Sultan of Araby, Rex Harrison performs with enjoyable bravado.

PUSHOVER: It’s the sort of thing that has often been done before, but usually with less competence than in this hard-boiled little suspense yarn. A provocative gun moll (Kim Novak) and a restless policeman (Fred MacMurray) are the principals.

WHITE CHRISTMAS: Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby at their best are funny enough together to deserve a sequel, although not all the production numbers in this big Irving Berlin musical are successful. Rosemary Clooney, Dean Jagger and Vera-Ellen are also on hand. The Technicolor camerawork, in the new VistaVision process, is uncommonly bright and pleasing.

Gilmour’s Guide to the Current Crop

About Mrs. Leslie: Drama. Fair. Adventures of Robinson Adventure drama. Good.

Alaska Seas: Action drama. Poor. Apache: Indian western. Excellent. Broken Lance: Western. Excellent.

A Bullet Is Waiting: Western. Fair.

Caine Mutiny: Navy drama. Good. Carnival Story: Sexy melodrama. Fair. Cease Fire: Korean war. Good.

Concert of the Stars (Russian and ballet. Fair.

Daughters of Destiny: Three

Dawn at Socorro: Western. Fair. Demetrius and the Gladiators:

Biblical drama. Fair.

Dial M for Murder: Suspense.

Doctor in the House: Comedy

Drive a Crooked Road: Crime. Good. Executive Suite: Drama. Excellent.

Father Brown, Detective: British crime comedy. Good.

Final Test: British comedy. Good.

Francis Joins the WACs: Farce. Fair. Front Page Story: Press drama. Fair. Garden of Evil: Drama. Fair.

Golden Coach: Farce-fantasy. Good. Gypsy Colt: Farm-life drama. Good. Heidi: Children's story. Good.

The High and the Mighty: Drama. Fair.



Hobson’s Choice: Comedy. Excellent.

I’m a Stranger: British mystery. Poor.

It Should Happen to You: New York satirical comedy. Excellent.

Johnny Dark: Race-car drama. Good. The Kidnappers: Drama. Excellent.

Knock on Wood: Comedy. Excellent. Magnificent Obsession: Drama. Fair. The Maggie: British comedy. Good.

Man With a Million: Comedy. Good. Men of the Fighting Lady: War. Good. New Faces: Broadway revue. Good.

On the Waterfront: Drama. Excellent. The Pickwick Papers: Comedy. Good. Prince Valiant: Adventure. Fair.

The Raid: Action drama. Good.

Rainbow Jacket: British comedy. Fair. Rear Window: Suspense. Excellent.

Red Garters: Western comedy. Fair. Riding Shotgun: Western. Poor.

Riot in Cell Block 1 1 : Drama. Excellent. Sabrina: Romantic comedy. Excellent. Salt of the Earth: Labor drama. Fair. Scotch on the Rocks: Comedy. Fair. Secret of the Incas: Drama. Fair.

Student Prince: Musical. Fair.

Them!: Science-fiction thriller. Good. Three Coins in the Fountain: Romantic drama. Fair.

West of Zanzibar: Jungle drama. Fair.