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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR December 1 1954
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR December 1 1954

Maclean’s Movies



SUDDENLY: A solid little suspense thriller about an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States in a sleepy California town named Suddenly. Some of the characters are rather thinly imagined but Frank Sinatra as the chief killer proves again (as he did last year in From Here to Eternity) that he doesn’t need to sing to keep his name in lights.

DRAGNET: Television’s Jack Webb, under his own fast-paced direction, effectively but rather monotonously portrays the bleak and brutal plain-clothes man Joe Friday in this Hollywood whodunit.

THE EGYPTIAN: Passion and piety in the Pharaoh-way sands of Mika Waltari’s best-seller novel. On the screen, in wall-to-wall CinemaScope, the result is frequently an imposing spectacle but the prevailing tempo is awfully slow. With Edmund Purdom, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, and thousands of helpers.

THE FRENCH LINE: Jane Russell as a Texas oil heiress, Arthur Hunnicutt as her garrulous guardian and Gilbert Roland as her “French” boulevardier, in a hollow farce-with-music. It’s a tasteless job but fairly funny in spots.

HER TWELVE MEN: Greer Garson’s ever-loyal fans are a society in which I happen to be a bit behind in my dues. I was tempted to let my membership lapse altogether while sitting through this contrived comedy-romance about a schoolteacher and the small boys under her wing. With Robert Ryan, Richard Haydn.

SUSAN SLEPT HERE: Hollywood pictures, I still doggedly maintain, are slowly improving on the average, but I couldn't clinch the argument by citing the present specimen. It’s a coy, leering and overdrawn comedy about a sexy-but-nice teen-ager (Debbie Reynolds) and a bachelor twice her age (Dick Powell).

Gilmour’s Guide to the Current Crop

About Mrs. Leslie: Drama. Fair. Adventures of Robinson Crusoe: Tropical drama. Good.

Alaska Seas: Action drama. Poor. Apache: Indian drama. Excellent. Broken Lance: Western. Excellent.

A Bullet is Waiting: Western. Fair. The Caine Mutiny: Navy drama. Good. Cease Fire: Korean War. Good. Concert of the Stars (Russian): Arias and ballet. Fair.

Daughters of Destiny: Three stories. Fair. Dawn at Socorro: Western. Fair. Demetrius and the Gladiators: Semi-

Biblical drama. Fair.

Doctor in the House: Comedy. Fair.

Drive a Crooked Road: Crime. Good. Father Brown, Detective: British crime

comedy. Good.

Final Test: British comedy. Good.

The Gambler from Natchez: Drama.

Garden of Evil: Drama. Fair.

Golden Coach: Farce-fantasy. Good. The Green Scarf: Courtroom drama. Fair. Heidi: Children's story. Good.

The High and the Mighty: Drama. Fair.

Johnny Dark: Race-car drama. Good. The Kidnappers: Drama. Excellent.

King Richard and the Crusaders: Costumed swashbucklers. Good.

Knock on Wood: Comedy. Excellent.

The Maggie: British comedy. Good. Magnificent Obsession: Drama. Fair. Man with a Million: Comedy. Good.

Men of the Fighting Lady: War. Good.

New Faces: Broadway revue. Good.

On the Waterfront: Drama. Excellent.

Phantom of Rue Morgue: Horror. Fair. Prince Valiant: Adventure. Fair. Pushover: Crime and suspense. Good. The Raid: Action drama. Good. Rainbow Jacket: British comedy. Fair. Rear Window: Suspense. Excellent. Riding Shotgun: Western. Poor.

Sabrina: Romantic comedy. Excellent.

Sait of the Earth: Labor drama. Fair. Scotch on the Rocks: Comedy. Fair. Secret of the Incas: Drama. Fair.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Musical. Excellent.

West of Zanzibar: Jungle drama. Fair. White Christmas: Musical. Good.