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CLYDE GILMOUR February 1 1954
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR February 1 1954

Maclean’s Movies


THE ALL-AMERICAN: A naïve, harmless college-football yarn starring Tony Curtis as a cocky grid-king who runs afoul of the jealous campus snobs. Mamie Van Doren, as a beer-joint temptress, assiduously imitates Marilyn Monroe’s back-to-the-camera prowl.

ALL I DESIRE: Barbara Stanwyck in a turn-of-the-century tearjerker as a runaway mama who comes home to a mixed reception from hubby and the kids. A screen soap-opera, no cornier than most.

A BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER: An amateur detective (Joseph Cotten) has to find out whether his brother’s widow (Jean Peters) is a murderess or a clean wholesome gal. Some crackling tension is finally worked up in this better-than-average whodunit.

DANGEROUS CROSSING: Another mystery, this one a shipboard yarn about a bride (Jeanne Crain) whose husband vanishes without a trace. Michael Rennie, ship’s doctor, elegantly saunters to her rescue. A hackneyed plot with few fresh twists.

HALF A HERO: Humorist Max Shu I man wrote this shrewd and unforced little domestic comedy about a suburban couple (Red Skelton, Jean Hagen) and their struggle to make ends meet. Skelton, for Skelton, does a minimum of face-pulling and eyecrossing.

THE JUGGLER: A once-famed vaudeville entertainer (Kirk Douglas), wifeless and childless after years of horror in Hitler’s torturecamps, slowly battles his way back to some sort of serenity in photogenic Israel. A strong, deeply moving drama.

LATIN LOVERS: Lana Turner, poor little rich girl, must decide between a wary millionaire (John Lund) and an ardent Brazilian playboy (Ricardo Montalban). An occasionally witty escapist comedy, with a lively performance by Louis Calhern as a gay old rake in Rio’s garden of love.

VICKI: A just-fair remake of I Wake Up Screaming, with Richard Boone as the psychopathic detective once played so eerily by the late Laird Cregar. It’s about a murdered showgirl (Jean Peters) who suffered no lack of sinister admirers.

WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME: Pretentious and preposterous are the words—or my words, anyway—for this overblown Technicolor musical starring Donald O’Connor and Janet Leigh. It also offers a fat comic, Buddy Hackett, who diligently combines the more tiresome mannerisms of Jerry Lewis and Lou Costello.

Gilmour Rates

The Actress: Comedy. Excellent.

All I Desire: Drama. Fair.

Arrowhead: Western. Fair.

The Band Wagon: Musical. Excellent. Blowing Wild: Oil drama. Poor.

Botany Bay: Sea drama. Fair.

Both Sides of the Law: British drama of women police. Fair.

The Caddy: Golf farce. Fair.

Captain’s Paradise: Comedy. Excellent. Conquest of Everest: Actuality epic. Excellent.

The Cruel Sea: Navy drama. Excellent. Dangerous Crossing: Mystery. Fair. Devil’s Canyon: 3-D in jail. Fair.

Folly to Be Wise: Comedy. Fair.

From Here to Eternity: Army-camp

drama. Excellent.

Genevieve: British comedy. Good.

The Glass Wall: Drama. Fair.

Inferno: 3-D desert drama. Fair. Innocents in Paris: Comedy. Good. Island in the Sky: Drama. Good.

Julius Caesar: Shakespeare. Excellent. Lili: Musical fantasy. Excellent.

Lion In The Streets: Drama. Fair.

Little Boy Lost: Drama. Good.

Malta Story: Air-war drama. Good.

Man From Alamo: Western. Fair.

The Master of Ballantrae: 18th-century comedy-drama. Good.

Remains to Be Seen: Comedy. Fair. Return to Paradise: South Sea comedydrama. Good.

Ride, Vaquero!: Western. Poor.

The Robe: CinemaScope epic. Good. Roman Holiday: Comedy. Excellent. Sailor of the King: Drama. Fair.

Shane: Western. Excellent.

So This Is Love: Blog-musical. Fair.

Story of Gilbert and Sullivan: Musical biography. Good.

Turn the Key Softly: Drama. Fair.

Vice Squad: Police drama. Good.

Wings of the Hawk: 3-D western. Fair. Yellow Balloon: Suspense. Excellent.