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BEAT THE DEVIL: Director John Huston's new picture, a wacky comedy of rogues, is a sort of farcical parallel to his 194 1 crime - and - suspense classic, The Maltese Falcon, but its really funny moments are too infrequent. Humphrey Bogart tops the good cast.

THE COMMAND: Cavalry versus redskins again — but a lot more exciting than usual in this first CinemaScope western. Great fun for youngsters, and quite passable for their elders as well. Guy Madison leads the defenders.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: A prehistoric man shaped fish falls in love with screaming Julia Adams in an Amazon backwater, but his courtship is a failure. So is the movie.

DECAMERON NIGHTS: Straitlaced morality is triumphant, but gets a sly ribbing nonetheless, in this handsome parcel of Boccaccio tales from the fourteenth century. With Louis Jourdan, Joan Fontaine.

GIVE A GIRL A BREAK: A hackneyed backstage plot and a sometimes lethargic pace are demerit marks against this amiable little musical, but one or two of its song-and-dance numbers are fresh and lively.

THE JOE LOUIS STORY: One of the most honest and sensible sports biographies ever made in Hollywood, with boxer Coley Wallace likably impersonating the Brown Bomber. Newsreel shots of his historic fights are cleverly spliced in.

MAN IN THE ATTIC: Jack Palance is convincingly horrifying as the appalling Jack the Ripper in a remake of that veteran thriller, The Lodger. Good goose-pimple entertainment.

Gilmour Rates

The Actress: Comedy. Excellent.

Back to God s Country: Outdoor mellerdrammer. Poor.

The Band Wagon: Musical. Excellent. The Beggar’s Opera: Musical. Good. Beneath the 12-Mile Reef. CinemaScope action drama. Fair.

The Big Heat: Crime drama. Excellent. Blueprint for Murder: Mystery. Good.

Calamity Jane: Musical western. Poor.

Captain's Paradise: Comedy. Excellent. The City Is Dark: Crime. Fair.

Conquest of Everest: Actuality drama of mountain climbers. Excellent.

The Cruel Sea: Navy drama. Excellent.

Donovan's Brain: Horror. Fair.

Easy to Love: Water-musical. Fair. Escape From Fort Bravo: Cavalry vs.

Injuns. Good.

Folly to Be Wise: Comedy. Fair. Forbidden: Sexy melodrama. Poor. Forever Female: Comedy. Fair.

From Here to Eternity: Army-camp

drama. Excellent.

Genevieve: British comedy. Good. Geraldine: Show biz comedy. Fair.

The Glass Web: Whodunit. Fair.

Glenn Miller Story: Musical. Good.

Go, Man, Go!: Basketball. Good.

Half a Hero: Domestic comedy. Good. Hell and High Water: Action drama in CinemaScope. Fair.

His Majesty O’Keefe: Adventure. Fair. Hondo: 3-D western. Good.

How to Marry a Millionaire: Romantic

comedy in CinemaScope. Good. Innocents in Paris: Comedy. Good.

I, the Jury: Whodunit. Poor.

It Should Happen to You: Manhattan satirical comedy. Excellent.

The Juggler: Drama. Excellent.

Julius Caesar: Shakespeare. Excellent. Kiss Me Kate: Musical. Good.

Knights of the Round Table: Drama in CinemaScope. Good.

Latin Lovers: Romantic comedy. Fair. Lili: Musical fantasy. Excellent,

Long, Long Trailer: Comedy. Excellent. Malta Story: Air-war drama. Good.

The Man Between: Drama. Good.

Martin Luther: Drama. Good.

Miss Sadie Thompson: Drama. Poor. Mogambo: Jungle comedy. Excellent. Paratrooper: War drama. Fair.

Personal Affair: Drama. Fair.

Roman Holiday: Comedy. Excellent. Saskatchewan: Mountie drama. Fair. Shane: Western. Excellent.

The Sinner: Sexy melodrama. Poor.

The Square Ring: Boxing drama. Good. Take the High Ground: War. Fair. Thunder Over the Plains: Western.


Torch Song: Musical drama. Good. Trouble in Store: Comedy. Fair.

Vice Squad: Police drama. Good. Walking My Baby Back Home: Comedy and music. Poor.

Wild One: Drama. Fair for adults.