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NIGHT PEOPLE: A complicated but fascinating suspense thriller in CinemaScope, about East vs. West in present-day Berlin. It stars Gregory Peck as a tough U. S. intelligence officer and Broderick Crawford as a tycoon whose son is captured by the Russians. Aptly named Rita Gam is also present.

THE KIDNAPPERS: An uncommonly winning five-year-old Scot (Vincent Winter) makes his screen debut in a slow but absorbing British drama, set in Nova Scotia in 1904. Oppressed by their joyless granddaddy, two love-starved lads “kidnap” a lost baby and adopt it as a pet.

THE NAKED JUNGLE: Billions of all-devouring “soldier ants” on the march are the horrifying villains in this drama of life on a South American plantation, but the exciting climax takes too long to arrive. With Eleanor Parker, Charlton Heston.

HOBSON’S CHOICE: Director David Lean, the man who made Brief Encounter and Breaking the Sound Barrier, comes up with another winner in this shrewd and jolly British comedy. It’s about a Lancashire bootmaker (uproariously played by Charles Laughton) and his three rebellious daughters. John Mills is funny and believable as a worm who turns.

RHAPSODY: Well-played, well-reproduced Tchaikovsky and

Rachmaninoff concert favorites are sound-track assets in a plushy romantic soap opera, much of it quite tedious to my taste. The harassed principals are a spoiled heiress (Elizabeth Taylor), a violinist (Vittorio Gassman), and a pianist (John Ericson ).

TOP BANANA: Some of the oldest jokes in show-biz and a few new ones as well, most of them hilariously projected by burlesque comic Phil Silvers in a filming of the N’Yawk stage hit.

Gilmour Rates

The Actress: Comedy. Excellent.

Always a Bride: British comedy. Good.

Back to God’s Country: Outdoor mellerdrammer. Poor.

Beat the Devil: Farce thriller. Fair.

The Beggar’s Opera: Musical. Good. Beneath the 12-Mile Reef: Cinema-

Scope action drama. Fair.

The Big Heat: Crime drama. Excellent.

Captain’s Paradise: Comedy. Excellent. The City Is Dark: Crime. Fair.

The Command: Cavalry vs. Injuns in

CinemaScope. Good.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon: Science-fiction horror. Poor.

Decameron Nights: Comedy. Good. Donovan's Brain: Horror. Fair.

Escape From Fort Bravo: Cavalry vs.

Injuns. Good.

Folly to Be Wise: Comedy. Fair. Forbidden: Sexy melodrama. Poor. Forever Female: Comedy. Fair.

From Here to Eternity: Army-camp

drama. Excellent.

Genevieve: British comedy. Good. Geraldine: Show-biz comedy. Fair.

Give a Girl a Break: Musical. Fair.

The Glass Web: Whodunit. Fair. Glenn Miller Story: Musical. Good.

Go, Man, Go!: Basketball. Good.

Half a Hero: Domestic Comedy. Good. Hell and High Water: Action drama in CinemaScope. Fair.

His Majesty O’Keefe: Adventure. Fair.

Hondo: 3-D western. Good.

I, the Jury: Whodunit. Poor.

It Should Happen to You: Manhattan satirical comedy. Excellent.

Joe Louis Story: Biographical boxing

drama. Excellent.

The Juggler: Drama. Excellent.

Julius Caesar: Shakespeare. Excellent. Kiss Me Kate: Musical. Good.

Knights of the Round Table: Drama in CinemaScope. Good.

Lili: Musical fantasy. Excellent.

Little Caesar: Gangster reissue. Still

worth seeing as curio.

Long, Long Trailer: Comedy. Excellent. Malta Story: Air-war drama. Good.

The Man Between: Drama. Good.

Man in the Attic: Suspense. Good. Miss Sadie Thompson: Drama. Poor. Mogambo: Jungle comedy. Excellent. Paratrooper: War drama. Fair.

Personal Affair: Drama. Fair.

Roman Holiday: Comedy. Excellent. Saskatchewan: Mountie drama. Fair. Shane: Western. Excellent.

I The Sinner: Sexy melodrama. Poor.

The Square Ring: Boxing drama. Good. Take the High Ground: War. Fair. Thunder Over the Plains: Randolph

Scott western. Good.

Torch Song: Musical drama. Good. Trouble in Store: Comedy. Fair.

Vice Squad: Police drama. Good.

Wild One: Drama. Fair for adults.