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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR July 15 1954
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR July 15 1954

Maclean’s Movies


ROSE MARIE: As the current Maclean’s series on the Mounties (see page 16) says, the fascination of the Redcoats is fatal to Hollywood. For the third time in 26 years — this time in wall-to-wall CinemaScope — the singing Mountie takes the Rockies’ trail. The corn is thicker than ever but the scenery — some of it shot in Alberta — is often gorgeous. Ann Blyth, Howard Keel and Fernando Lamas sing the familiar ballads.

CARNIVAL STORY: Anne Baxter, fairly demure in most previous roles, emerges as a simmering bundle of sex in this sordid implausible but far-from-dull melodrama filmed in Germany. She has to choose between a sneering drifter (Steve Cochran) and a highdiver ( Lyle Bettger ).

FRONT PAGE STORY: A press yarn from Britain. To its credit are Jack Hawkins’ strong and honest portrayal of a hard-pressed editor, and a number of convincing background details. But there are too many overlapping stories to keep track of, and a big scene at the climax is overdrawn.

PRINCE VALIANT: This first CinemaScope epic based on a comic strip is faithful enough to the banalities and pictorial beauties of the original. Robert Wagner, with a Dutch bob hair-do, is the Viking lad at the court of King Arthur (Brian Aherne). Probably fine stuff for the kiddies.

TENNESSEE CHAMP: A pleasant little comedy-drama about a boxer (Dewey Martin) who devoutly believes he has the Lord in his corner. Keenan Wynn is his wily manager.

THE STRATFORD ADVENTURE: A 39-minute featurette, in color, prepared by the National Film Board of Canada to tell the story behind the story of Ontario's world-famed Shakespeare Festival. A superb documentary, worth top billing on any marquee.

Gilmour’s Guide

Beat the Devil: Farce thriller. Fair.

The Beggar’s Opera: Musical. Good. Beneath the 12-Mile Reef: CinemaScope action drama. Fair.

The Big Heat: Crime drama. Excellent. The Boy From Oklahoma: Comedy. Fair. Captain’s Paradise: Comedy. Excellent. Casanova’s Big Night: Comedy. Poor.

The Command: Cavalry vs. Injuns in

CinemaScope. Good.

Donovan’s Brain: Horror. Fair.

The Eddie Cantor Story: Musical and

biography. Fair.

Elephant Walk: Drama. Fair.

Escape From Fort Bravo: Cavalry vs.

Injuns. Good.

Executive Suite: Drama. Excellent. Glenn Miller Story: Musical. Good. Great Diamond Robbery: Comedy. Fair. Gypsy Colt: Farm-life drama. Good. Hell and High Water: Action drama in CinemaScope. Fair.

Hobson’s Choice: Comedy. Excellent. Hondo: 3-D western. Good.

It Should Happen to You: Manhattan satirical comedy. Excellent.

Jubilee Trail: Western. Poor.

Julius Caesar: Shakespeare. Excellent.

The Kidnappers: Drama. Good.

King of the Khyber Rifles: Drama in

CinemaScope. Fair.

Knights of the Round Table: Drama in CinemaScope. Good.

The Living Desert: Wildlife. Good. Long, Long Trailer: Comedy. Excellent. Loophole: Crime drama. Good.

The Love Lottery: Comedy. Fair.

Ma and Pa Kettle at Home: Farm farce. Good of its type.

The Maggie: British comedy. Good. Mogambo: Jungle comedy. Excellent. The Naked Jungle: Adventure. Fair.

New Faces: CinemaScope revue. Dull in spots, hilarious in others.

Night People: Espionage drama in

CinemaScope. Excellent.

Paratrooper: War drama. Fair.

Red Garters: Western comedy. Fair. Rhapsody: Drama plus music. Fair.

Riot in Cell Block 1 1 : Prison drama.


River of No Return: Western. Fair.

Rob Roy: Adventure. Fair.

Saadia: Morocco drama. Fair.

Sins of Jezebel: Drama. Poor.

Top Banana: Burlesque comedy. Good. Trouble in Store: Comedy. Fair.

Wicked Woman: Sexy drama. Fair. World for Ransom: Drama. Poor. Yankee Pasha: Harem drama. Fair.