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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR September 3 1955
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR September 3 1955

Maclean’s Movies



THE COLDITZ STORY: The title may baffle many a customer, but Colditz was a dreaded German

prison camp in Saxony, supposedly “escape-proof." Little of the relentless bleakness of captivity is conveyed in the film. On a jolly adventure-story level, though, it’s well acted, suspenseful and quietly enjoyable. Kommandant Frederick Valk (recently of Stratford, Ont.) does his majestic best to outwit such resourceful Britons as John Mills and Eric Portman.

THE NIGHT HOLDS TERROR: For the umpteenth time in recent theatrical fiction, three gangsters terrorize a family in their own house. The acting, by a cast of non-celebrities, is amateurish in spots but darned if the thing doesn't stir up real spine-crawling tension before it finishes.

THE NIGHT MY NUMBER CAME UP: A naval officer’s fabulously detailed nightmare about a plane crash off the Japanese coast begins coming true, point by point, until . . . Brrr! A British film, farfetched but fetching. Michael Redgrave is top brass.

THE SHRIKE: Hollywood has taken much of the sting out of Joseph Kramm’s Broadway hit. It’s a horror story about a brokendown genius (well played by director José Ferrer) whose wife balefully keeps him in a psychiatric ward until he is ready to surrender to her forever. June Allyson is ill at ease as the satanic spouse — who turns out to be a rather nice kiddo in the film, anyway.

SVENGALI: A handsome but tedious British melodrama based on George du Maurier’s novel about an evil hypnotist and a fake soprano whose soul he dominates. With Donald Wolfit, Hildegarde Neff.

YOU’RE NEVER TOO YOUNG: You know me, I'm not a Martin & Lewis fan. But I liked this one better than most of their circuses, and I’ll bet their “regulars" will find it real real crazy.

Gilmour’s Guide to the Current Crop

Above Us the Waves: Submarine war

drama. Good.

Ain’t Misbehavin’: Musical. Fair.

Bad Day at Black Rock: Suspense in the west. Good.

Bedevilled: Drama. Fair.

Blackboard Jungle: Drama. Good. Carmen Jones: Negro opera. Excellent. Cell 2455, Death Row: Crime. Poor.

The Cobweb: Hospital drama. Fair.

The Constant Husband: Comedy. Good. Court Martial: Drama. Excellent.

Daddy Long Legs: Musical. Good.

Davy Crockett: Western. Good.

The Divided Heart: Drama. Excellent.

East of Eden: Drama. Good.

Escape to Burma: Drama. Poor.

For Better, for Worse: Comedy. Good.

Forbidden Games: Drama. Excellent.

The Glass Slipper: Romance. Good.

Hit the Deck: Musical. Fair.

House of Bamboo: Suspense. Good.

Interrupted Melody: Operatic soprano's biographical drama. Good.

Lady and the Tramp: Cartoon. Good.

Land of the Pharaohs: Spectacle and

drama. Excellent.

Las Vegas Shakedown: Crime. Fair.

A Life in the Balance: Suspense. Fair.





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Love Me or Leave Me: Biographical

and musical drama. Good. Magnificent Matador: Drama. Fair.

A Man Called Peter: Drama. Excellent. Man Without a Star: Western. Good. Marty: Comedy-drama. Excellent.

Mister Roberts: Comedy. Excellent.

Not as a Stranger: Drama. Fair.

New York Confidential: Crime. Good.

A Prize of Gold: Drama. Fair.

The Prodigal: Semi-Biblical. Poor.

Run for Cover: Western. Good,

The Sea Chase: Suspense. Poor,

The Seven Little Foys: Biog-comedy of

show business. Fair.

The Seven Year Itch: Comedy. Good.

Simba: African drama. Good.

Soldier of Fortune: Adventure. Good.

Son of Sinbad: Comedy. Fair, Strange Lady in Town: Western. Fair,

Stranger on Horseback: Western. Fair.

That Lady: Costume drama. Fair.

This Island Earth: Planet drama. Good, Tight Spot: Suspense. Good.

Unchained: Drama. Excellent,

Violent Saturday: Suspense. Good,

Wayward Wife: Italian drama. Fair, We’re No Angels: Comedy. Fair.

Wuthering Heights (reissue): Drama.