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CLYDE GILMOUR January 21 1956

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR January 21 1956

Maclean’s Movies


GOOD MORNING, MISS DOVE: Jennifer Jones' glacial charm as a prim small-town school teacher somehow eludes me. She is unaccountably adored by all her former pupils, including a jailbird who keeps breaking loose so he can check up on her hospital progress. Robert Stack, however, turns in a solid and likeable performance as a young physician, and the film’s plea for a wholesome mode of life recommends it to the so-called family trade.

ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS: Strongly slanted to ring the bell with soap-opera fans, but otherwise of limited appeal. High-society widow (Jane Wyman) and manly gardener (Rock Hudson) fall in love despite much pressure from stuffy kinfolk and friends.

DOCTOR AT SEA: Some muscular but amusing clowning by the majestically bearded James Robertson Justice partially atones for a lot of ill-judged slapstick in this sequel to Doctor in the House. With Dirk Bogarde, Brenda de Banzie.

QUENTIN DURWARD: Sir Walter Scott’s novel about knightly valor in the fifteenth century has been translated into a widescreen swashbuckler which offers some literate and witty dialogue as well as the customary heroics. With Robert Taylor, Kay Kendall, Robert Morley.

THE SECOND GREATEST SEX: A western operetta, obviously intended to duplicate the gusto and humor of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The attempt falls quite a bit short of the mark but some of the dances are staged with style and vigor. With Jeanne Craine, George Nader, Bert Lahr.

THE SHEEP HAS 5 LEGS: A lively French comedy in which Fernandel, playing six roles, clinches his European renown as one of the funniest men alive.

Gilmour’s guide to the current crop

The African Lion: Wildlife. Good.

Artists and Models: Comedy. Poor.

The Bar Sinister: Dog drama. Fair.

The Big Knife: Drama. Good.

Blood Alley: Adventure. Fair.

The Cobweb: Hospital drama. Fair.

The Colditz Story: Drama. Good.

Count 3 and Pray: Drama. Fair.

Cult of the Cobra: Horror. Poor.

The Dam Busters: Air war. Excellent. The Deep Blue Sea: Drama. Good.

The Desperate Hours: Drama. Excellent. Female on the Beach: Drama. Fair.

5 Against the House: Drama. Fair. Gentlemen Marry Brunettes: Musical

comedy. Poor.

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing: Drama. Fair.

The Girl Rush: Comic musical. Good. The Great Adventure: Wildlife. Excellent. House of Bamboo: Suspense. Good.

I Am a Camera: Comedy. Fair.

I Died 1000 Times: Drama. Poor.

It’s Always Fair Weather: Satire and musical comedy. Excellent.

Lady and the Tramp: Cartoon. Good. Lady Godiva: Comedy-drama. Fair.

The Left Hand of God: Drama. Fair.

A Man Alone: Western. Fair.

Marty: Comedy-drama. Excellent.

McConnell Story: Aviation drama. Fair. Mister Roberts: Comedy. Excellent.

My Sister Eileen: Comedy. Fair.

The Night My Number Came Up: British suspense drama. Good.

The Night of the Hunter: Drama. Fair. Passage Home: Sea drama. Fair.

Pete Kelly's Blues: Jazz drama. Good. Phénix City Story: Crime. Good.

Queen Bee: Drama. Fair.

Raising a Riot: Comedy. Fair.

Rebel Without a Cause: Drama. Fair. Romeo and Juliet: Ballet. Good.

The Seven-Year Itch: Comedy. Good.

The Shrike: Psychiatric drama. Fair. Sincerely Yours: Drama. Poor.

Special Delivery: Comedy. Fair. Summertime: Romance. Excellent.

The Tender Trap: Comedy. Good. Tennessee’s Partner: Western. Fair.

Tight Spot: Suspense. Good.

To Hell and Back: War. Good.

Trial: Drama. Excellent.

The Trouble With Harry: Comedy. Good. Ulysses: Adventure drama. Fair.

View From Pompey’s Head: Drama.


The Virgin Queen: Historical drama.


Wichita: Western. Fair.