How to get Arabs and others together

December 22 1956

How to get Arabs and others together

December 22 1956

How to get Arabs and others together


Dorothy Thompson’s article, We’ve Earned the Arabs’ Hatred (Nov. 10), is excellent. There is no doubt that “What the West fears is that Egypt will use the canal to promote her own political, financial and military interests.” The more Egypt gets the stronger she will become and the better position she will be in to wring more concessions. The more western Europe and England give up, the weaker they will become, and the worse position they will be in to resist further demands. The standard of living in Egypt will go up, while the standard of living m western Europe and England will go down, it boils down to one question: who ÍS to live, and who is merely to exist?

If anyone has a workable plan that will benefit both Arabs and Europeans then the problem is SOLVED.&EMDASH;E. H. COREA,


• Maclean’s should apologize for the grossly slanted articles by Blair Fraser and Dorothy Thompson on Suez and particularly for the cartoon, “To Arms! To Arms!” No demand to send troops to its aid has been made by Britain to Canada in my lifetime.

Britain and France have a perfect right, legally and morally, to clean up the Middle Eastern situation as they see fit. Their existence has been threatened by it.


• Your views on the Arab problems really enlightened me. And should do so for a few of our LEADERS.&EMDASH;G. MONET,


• For an excellent presentation of the Suez issue, kudos to ERASER.&EMDASH;BROTHER


Baxter’s defense of Eden

It was no surprise to read in your Nov. 10 issue that Beverley Baxter was sticking up for Eden (Bax’s Battle with the

Daily Mirror). It was, however, new to find Baxter acting the cry baby. Accusing the Mirror of giving comfort to the enemy in attacking Eden’s insane handling of the Suez situation is a little too preposterous . . . The real reason Baxter is bemoaning the attacks on Eden is that even he finds it impossible to defend him so he falls back on the “comfort to the enemy” sob STORY.&EMDASH;LEIGH R. TELLER,


No sloppy Joes at Ryerson

All Ryerson graduates will thank Earle Beattie for such a lucid explanation of the Ryerson Institute of Technology in his article. The Versatile College with the Concrete Campus (Nov. 10).

When 1 read the remarks on dress regulations for male students 1 recalled the protests from diehards when the "new deal” was introduced in 1954. Yet it was an important change in raising school prestige.

It is most disturbing to observe an undergrad after school hours sporting baggy

trousers, gaudy shirt, haircut ranging from golliwog to Presley, and a Ryerson jacket to advertise this slip-shod appearance in spite of the fact that he may dress properly at SCHOOL.&EMDASH;GERALD L. PIZER,


The salt miners of Pugwash

In Cyrus Eaton's Hideaway for Brains (Oct. 27) it is stated that the development of salt at Pugwash. N.S., was undertaken by Canadian Industries Ltd. The Canadian Salt Company Ltd. purchased salt interests of Canadian Industries Ltd. in 1951 and the development of the salt mine and mill at Pugwash was undertaken by the Malagash Salt Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of The Canadian Salt Company Ltd.—J. H. BURTCH, WINDSOR.

An accolade for our fiction

Have just finished reading This is Why I Killed Them (Nov. 10) and think it’s the best Canadian fiction I’ve read in any MAGAZINE.&EMDASH;MRS. E. R. JACKSON, REGINA.

A new party to vote for

To your editorial. If They Won’t Vote. Don't Coax Them (Nov. 10), 1 say, All Hail! There are too many people whose ambition is to make someone else do something that suits them. These torchcarrying nuisances want me to drink some concoction for the good of my false teeth; they want me to donate to something I don’t want to and to join the Ancient Order of What Have You.

1 would support a movement to make people mind their own business.—L. A. DENT, COCHRANE, ON I . ★