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CLYDE GILMOUR December 22 1956
Mac1ean's Movies

Mac1ean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR December 22 1956

Mac1ean's Movies


BEST BET Around the World in 80 Days: Jules Verne’s comedy-adventure about a trip encircling the globe in 1872 has been turned into a richly entertaining three-ring circus of a movie under producer Mike Todd’s flamboyant supervision. The literate script by humorist S. J. Perelman is a big help. The skilled cast includes David Niven, Mexico's Cantinflas, Shirley MacLaine and Robert Newton—and about fifty major and minor celebrities in bit parts. In the wide-screen Todd-AO process, it’s a beguiling show.

The Brave One: An overlong but beautiful and stirring drama about a Mexican boy (Michael Ray) whose heart almost breaks when his pet bull is forced to fight a peerless matador.

Giant: Edna Ferber’s sprawling yarn about life in Texas has its share of corn, and so has the film, but master director George Stevens has put it all together with vitality and insight. Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and the late James Dean are on hand.

The Girl He Left Behind: There are a few quite funny moments in this American army comedy. Most of it, though, is embarrassingly coy and contrived. With Tab Hunter, Natalie Wood, Murray Hamilton.

Marcelino: A lovely Spanish film about a foundling (Pablito Calvo) who is raised by a group of monks.

You Can’t Run Away From It: A noisy but halfhearted remake of 1934’s famed Oscar winner, It Happened One Night. Heiress June Allyson and reporter Jack Lemmon are in the roles originally played by Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable.


Attack: War drama. Good.

Back Front Eternity: Jungle suspense drama. Good.

Bandido: Adventure. Fair.

The Best Things in Life Are Free:

Musical biography. Fair.

Between Heaven and Hell: War. Fair. Bigger Than Life: Drama. Fair.

The Black Tent: Drama. Fair.

The Boss: Crime drama. Fair.

Bns Stop: Romantic comedy. Fair.

The Fastest Gun Alive: Suspense in the West. Good.

French Cancan: Music-drama. Good. Friendly Persuasion: Comedy-drama re American Quakers. Good.

Gold Rush: Chaplin reissue. Excellent. The Grand Manoeuvre: French comedydrama. Good.

Jacqueline: Irish comedy. Good.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent.

The King and I: Music-drama. Tops.

A Lamp Is Heavy: Hospital drama. Fair. The Last Wagon: Western. Good. Lisbon: Melodrama. Fair.

The Long Arm: Detective story. Good. Loser Takes All: Comedy. Fair.

Lust for Life: Drama. Good.

Moby Dick: Sea drama. Excellent.

The Mountain: Alpine drama. Fair. Odongo: Jungle romance. Poor.

Pardners: Western farce. Poor.

Port Afrique: Crime drama. Poor.

The Power and the Prize: Drama of big business. Good.

Private’s Progress: Comedy. Good.

The Proud Ones: Western. Good.

Reach for the Sky: RAF drama. Good. Richard III: Shakespeare. Tops.

Run for the Sun: Suspense. Good.

Santiago: Adventure. Fair.

The Solid Gold Cadillac: Big-business comedy. Excellent.

Storm Centre: Drama. Fair.

La Strada: Italian drama. Good.

lea and Sympathy: Drama. Good.

The Ten Commandments: Bible epic. Dull in spots but vast, reverent.

Tension at Table Rock: Western. Good.

That Certain F'eeling: Comedy. Fair. These Wilder Y'ears: Drama. Good. Timetable: Crime drama. Good.

Toward the Unknown: Air drama. Good. The Unguarded Moment: Drama. Good.

The Vagabond King: Sword opera. Fair. War and Peace: Drama. Good.

Y ield to the Night: Drama. Fair.