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CLYDE GILMOUR March 31 1956

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR March 31 1956

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THE COURT JESTER: Danny Kaye and his reliable writerdirectors, Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, join forces in another high-spirited comedy, this one a burlesque of the screen’s own sword-opera spectaculars. As a craven buffoon who becomes the deadliest blade and boldest lover in Christendom whenever he is hypnotized by the palace witch, Danny is in fine fettle. Glynis Johns is the loyal maid who spurs him onward to glory.

ANYTHING GOES: Two urbane song-and-dance men (Bing Crosby, Donald O'Connor) and two whistle-worthy showgirls (Jeanmaire, Mitzi Gaynor) do their stuff in one of the season's better musicals.

DIANE: Handsomely staged, but slow and tedious, this is a melodrama of court intrigue, starring Lana Turner as a shapely power behind the throne of sixteenthcentury France.

FOREVER DARLING: A coy and frantic domestic farce, with one or two quite amusing scenes. A guardian angel (James Mason) helps Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz save their marriage.

HILL 24 DOESN’T ANSWER: The anguished birth of the troubled state of Israel is movingly chronicled in a tough honest drama about street fighting in Jerusalem. Brilliantly photographed in the actual locale.

THE LAST HUNT: Except for a questionable multiplicity of gruesome close-ups of slaughtered buffalo, this is one of the best westerns in years. Superb widescreen camerawork, believable characters and slowly mounting tension are among its numerous assets. With Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger, Lloyd Nolan, Debra Paget.

VALUE FOR MONEY: A minor-league British comedy about a Yorkshire tightwad (John Gregson) who falls for a phenomenally shapely gold digger (Diana Dors). Rating: fair.

Gilmour’s guide to the current crop

All That Heaven Allows: Drama. Fair.

Animal Farm: Satirical cartoon. Good.

The Big Knife: Drama. Good.

Blood Alley: Adventure. Fair.

Cockleshell Heroes: War drama. Good.

The Colditz Story: Drama. Good.

The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell:

Biographical drama. Good.

The Dam Busters: Air war. Excellent.

The Deep Blue Sea: Drama. Good.

The Desperate Hours: Drama. Excellent.

Diabolique: Horror mystery. Good.

Doctor at Sea: British comedy. Fair.

The Good Die Young: Drama. Fair.

Glory: Race-track drama. Fair.

Great Adventure: Wildlife. Excellent?

Guys and Dolls: Musical. Excellent.

Heidi and Peter: Children's story. Good.

Helen of Troy: Epic drama. Good.

Hell on Frisco Bay: Crime. Fair.

The Houston Story: Crime. Fair.

I'll Cry Tomorrow: Drama. Good.

The Indian Fighter: Western. Fair.

It’s Always Fair Weather: Satire and

musical comedy. Excellent.

Kismet: Arabian Nights musical. Fair.

Lady and the Tramp: Cartoon. Good.

The Last Command: Western. Fair.

Let's Make Up: Fantasy-musical. Poor.

The Lieutenant Wore Skirts: Comedy.


A Man Alone: Western. Fair.

Man of the Moment: Comedy. Fair.

The Man With the Golden Arm: Drug-

addict drama. Good.

Man With the Gun: Western. Good.

Marty: Comedy-drama. Excellent.

The Naked Sea: Documentary. Good.

The Night My Number Came Up: British

suspense drama. Good.

The Night of the Hunter: Drama. Fair.

Paris Follies of '56: Musical. Poor.

Picnic: Comedy-drama. Excellent.

The Prisoner: Drama. Excellent.

Quentin Durward: Adventure. Good.

Ransom!: Suspense drama. Good.

Rebel Without a Cause: Drama. Fair.

The Rose Tattoo: Comedy-drama. Good.

The Second Greatest Sex: Open-air

operetta. Fair.

The Spoilers: Adventure. Poor.

Summertime: Romance. Excellent.

The Tender Trap: Comedy. Good.

To Hell and Back: War. Good.

Touch and Go: Comedy. Good.

Trial: Drama. Excellent.

The Trouble With Harry: Comedy. Good.

Ulysses: Adventure drama. Fair.

The View From Pompey’s Head: Drama.