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The Swan: Grace Kelly is a beauty engaged to playboy prince Alec Guinness. Apart from its newsy tie-in with the year's most publicized real-life romance, this is an adroit and literate high-style comedy, involving the talents of Jessie Royce Landis as the frantically ambitious mamma plotting to marry her daughter into the royal circle. The film, smoothly directed by Budapest-born Charles Vidor, is based on a stage play by Hungary’s Ferenc Molnar.

The Birds and The Bees: Television’s likable George Gobel appears as a sausage king’s shy vegetarian son and gets mixed up with an enchanting cardsharp (Mitzi Gaynor) in his movie debut. Some scenes are quite funny but an obediently guffawing studio audience is badly needed to make the rest of it seem anything but dull.

The Creature Walks Among Us: The fearsome Gill Man from the black lagoon undergoes surgery and becomes a land-dweller but soon finds himself in trouble as usual. Rating: fair.

Crime in the Streets: A pretentious, half-baked melodrama—with ponderous sociological overtones—about juvenile delinquency in today’s big cities.

Forbidden Planet: One of the better science-fiction items, ludicrous at times but brilliantly staged with CincmaScopic camera magic. The locale is the remote planet Altair-4 in the year 2200. With Walter Pidgcon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: More science-fiction—and not half-bad until some frenzied overplaying spoils it near the finish. It’s about some gigantic pods which gradually turn all the people in a California town into walking, talking vegetables.


Alexander the Great: Spectacle. Fair. Anything Goes: Musical. Good.

Backlash: Western. Fair.

The Benny Goodman Story: Jazz musicbiography. Good.

The Big Knife: Drama. Good.

Bottom of the Bottle: Drama. Fair. Cangaceiro: Brazilian drama. Good.

Carousel: Music-drama. Good.

Cash on Delivery: Comedy. Poor.

Cockleshell Heroes: War drama. Good.

The Conqueror: Historical melodrama.


The Court Jester: Comedy. Excellent.

The Dam Busters: Air war. Excellent. Diabolique: Horror mystery. Good.

Geordie: Scottish comedy. Good.

Guys and Dolls: Musical. Excellent.

The Harder They Fall: Drama. Good.

Hell on Frisco Bay: Crime. Fair.

Hot Blood: Gypsy drama. Fair.

I’ll Cry Tomorrow: Drama. Good.

The Indian Fighter: Western. Fair.

Jubal: Western drama. Good.

The Ladykillers: Comedy. Good.

The I.ast Hunt: Western. Good.

Let’s Make Up: Fantasy-musical. Poor.

Lone Ranger: Western. Fine for kids.

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: Warand-business drama. Good.

The Man Who Knew Too Much: Crime and suspense. Excellent.

The Man Who Never Was: Espionage thriller. Excellent.

The Man With the Golden Arm: Drugaddict drama. Good.

Man With the Gun: Western. Good.

Meet Me in Las Vegas: Comedy with music and ballet. Excellent.

Miracle in the Rain: Drama. Fair.

Never Say Goodbye: Drama. Fair.

Picnic: Comedy-drama. Excellent.

The Prisoner: Drama. Excellent.

Quentin Durward: Adventure. Good.

Ransom!: Suspense drama. Good.

Richard III: Shakespeare. Tops.

The Rose Tattoo: Comedy-drama. Good.

The Scarlet Hour: Melodrama. Fair.

The Searchers: Western. Fair.

Serenade: Lanza sings again! Dandy for Lanza fans; not for me.

Simon and Laura: Comedy. Good.

The Tender Trap: Comedy. Good.

Three Stripes in the Sun: Comedy-drama. Good.

Touch and Go: Comedy. Good.

Trial: Drama. Excellent.

Tribute to a Bad Man: Western. Good. The Trouble Willi Harry: Comedy. Good.

World in My Corner: Ring drama. Fair. World Without End: Fantasy. Fair.