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CLYDE GILMOUR August 4 1956

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR August 4 1956

Maclean’s Movies



The Killing: Egg-domed Kwala Kwarian, as a muscle-man with an ogre’s sense of humor, stages a one-man riot to distract the police as a prelude to a racetrack holdup. The incentive: two million dollars. The result is one of the year’s freshest and most exciting crime dramas, establishing twenty-seven-year-old Stanley Kubrick as a writer-director of impressive talents.

The Bold and the Brave: Bouncy little Mickey Rooney, whose performances sometimes bore me to pieces, this time is likeable and convincing as a crapshooting G1 in a war story, better than most.

The Eddie Duchin Story: A sentimental biography—quite maudlin in spots but with many pleasant moments—of a popular pianist who became Manhattan’s darling in the 1930s. Tyrone Power competently handles the title role. With Kim Novak, James Whitmore.

Gaby: A romantic tear-jerker, presumably of special appeal to women. Wartime London is the locale, and the lovers are an orphaned French ballet dancer (Leslie Caron) and an aw-shucks Yank soldier (John Kerr). Rating: fair.

Josephine and Men: British comedies, when they are good, are very good indeed; but when they are bad they are like Josephine and Men. With Glynis Johns, Jack Buchanan, Donald Sinden.

Magic Fire: Composer Richard Wagner’s turbulent life emerges as a dull and solemn tableau, although the film contains several well-sung excerpts from his operas. With Yvonne de Carlo. Rita Gam.

The Proud and Profane: A vulnerable widow in the Red Cross (Deborah Kerr) and an arrogant Marine colonel (William Holden) are the love-hate antagonists in this implausible war romance. It’s all expertly acted but I found it hard to swallow.


An Alligator Named Daisy: British comedy. Fair.

Anything Goes: Musical. Good.

Autumn Leaves: Drama. Good.

Away AH Boats: War at sea. Fair. Bhowani Junction: India drama. Fair. The Birds & the Bees: Comedy. Fair. Carousel: Music-drama. Good.

The Catered Affair: Drama. Good. Comanche: Western. Fair.

The Come-On: Crime and sex. Poor.

The Court Jester: Comedy. Excellent. Crime in the Streets: Drama. Poor.

The Dam Busters: Air war. Excellent. The Day the World Ended: Drama. Poor. D-Day, the Sixth of June: Wartime romance. Fair.

Diabolique: Horror mystery. Good. Female Jungle: Drama. Poor.

Forbidden Planet: Science fiction. Good. French Cancan: Music-drama. Good. Geordie: Scottish comedy. Good.

The Great Locomotive Chase: Civil War adventure. Good.

The Harder They Fall: Drama. Good. Hilda Crane: Drama. Fair.

Johnny Concho: Western. Good.

Jubal: Western drama. Good.

The Ladykillers: Comedy. Good.

Lucky Kid: London drama. Fair.

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit:

War-and-business drama. Good.

The Man W'ho Knew Too Much: Crime and suspense. Excellent.

The Man Who Never Was: Espionage thriller. Excellent.

Meet Me in Las Vegas: Comedy with music and ballet. Excellent.

On the Threshold of Space: Factual science thriller. Good.

Our Miss Brooks: Comedy. Fair.

Patterns: Business drama. Good.

The Price of Fear: Drama. Poor. Ransom!: Suspense drama. Good.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover: Sexy comedy-drama. Poor.

Richard HI: Shakespeare. Tops.

The Searchers: Western. Fair.

Simon and Laura: Comedy. Good.

Star in the Dust: Western. Fair.

The Swan: Romantic comedy. Excellent. Too Bad She’s Bad: Italian crook comedy. Fair.

A Town Like Alice: Drama. Fair. Trapeze: Circus drama. Good.

Tribute to a Bad Man: W'cstern. Good. The Trouble With Harry: Comedy. Good. Paces to Baker Street: Mystery and suspense. Good.

While the City Sleeps: Newspaper and crime drama. Fair.