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CLYDE GILMOUR September 15 1956

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR September 15 1956

Maclean’s Movies


The Solid Gold Cadillac: Judy Holliday, younger and prettier than the character in the stage production, is no less amusing in her custom-tailored role as warmhearted Little Miss Nobody who tangles with a squad of big-business bandits. Paul Douglas is a bewildered tycoon who finds himself fighting stalwartly at her side. Broadway’s Abe Burrow+++++s has wittily adapted the play for the screen.

The Had Seed: Child star Patty McCormack's portrayal of an utterly heartless little killer in pigtails is a real spine-tingler. But the eerie impact of the novel and the Broadway play is weakened in the screen version by a new synthetic ending, followed by a silly epilogue presumably intended to send the customers home chuckling instead of shivering.

Dance Little Lady: A complicated British melodrama about a crippled ballerina (Mai Zetterling) whose manager-husband (Terence Morgan) is a sneering rotter in the ripe old hiss-the-villain tradition. As their talented daughter, Mandy Miller again proves she is one of the most gifted juveniles in the movies, but her opportunities are limited.

Run for the Sun: There is a fair amount of entertainment in this suspense yarn about a Hemingway-type novelist (Richard Widmark) who becomes a human target for a gang of fugitive war criminals in Mexico. A shapely magazine writer (Jane Greer) shares his perils, with Trevor Howard as the No. 1 baddie.

The Werewolf: Injected with “wolf serum” while unconscious, an accident victim soon finds himself turning into a slavering, snarling man-beast on the slightest provocation. Rating: poor.


The Animal World: Nature story. Fair.

Autumn Leases: Drama. Good.

Away All Boats: War at sea. Fair.

The Birds & the Bees: Comedy. Fair.

The Bold and the Brave: War. Good.

Carousel: Music-drama. Good.

The Catered Affair: Drama. Good.

The Come-On: Crime and sex. Poor.

I)-I>ay, the Sixth of June: War and romance. Fair.

The Eddy Duchin Story: Musical biography. Fair.

The First Texan: Frontier drama. Fair.

French Cancan: Music-drama. Good.

Gahy: War romance. Fair.

Golden Link: Mystery. Poor.

The Great Locomotive Chase: Civil War adventure. Good.

The Harder They Fall: Drama. Good.

Invitation to the Dance: All-ballet, no-talk musical. Fair.

John and Julie: Comedy-adventure.

Good for children.

Johnny Concho: Western. Good.

Juba): Western drama. Good.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent.

The King and I: Music-drama, lops.

The Ladykillers: Comedy. Good.

The Last Ten Days: German drama about Hitler. Excellent.

Leather Saint: Comedy. Fair.

Lucky Kid: London drama. Fair.

.Magic Fire: Musical biography. Fair.

The Man Who Knew Too Much: Crime

and suspense. Excellent. S*

Meet Me in Las Vegas: Comedy with music and ballet. Excellent.

Moby Dick: Semi-mystical drama of w'haling men. Excellent.

On the Threshold of Space: Factual

science thriller. Good.

Patterns: Business drama. Good. jS:

Please Murder Me: Suspense. Poor. M

The Proud and Profane: Sexy war

romance. Fair. jig:

The Proud Ones: Western. Good.

Ransom!: Suspense drama. Good. jig:

Richard III: Shakespeare. Tops. gx

Safari: Jungle melodrama. Fair.

The Searchers: Western. Fair.

Simon and Laura: Comedy. Good.

Somebody lip There Likes Me: Crime-

and-boxing biography. Good. ;$:•

The Swan: Romantic comedy. Excellent.

That Certain Feeling: Comedy. Fair.

A Town Like Alice: Drama. Fair. gg

Trapeze: Circus drama. Good.

Tribute to a Bad Man: Western. Good. |

23 Paces to Baker Street: Mystery and |§

suspense. Good. |

While the City Sleeps: Newspaper-and-i

crime drama. Fair. gg

Wild Dakotas: Western. Poor.