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CLYDE GILMOUR January 19 1957
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR January 19 1957

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The Silent World: Underwater documentaries are sometimes tedious screen fare but this one is a real spellbinder. It was made by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, leathery skipper of the research ship Calypso, and is an absorbing sight-and-sound diary of his adventures at the bottom of the deep. The occasional music and the sparse spoken commentary are mercifully free of the forced whimsey that often mars such enterprises.

Baby Doll: Tennessee Williams’ sexy comedy-melodrama about the Deep South strikes me as being, on the whole, a lot of pretentious trash although it is vividly shot and acted under Elia Kazan’s direction. With Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach. Karl Malden.

The King and Four Queens: Clark Gable and Eleanor Parker are rogues-inlove in a rather confused and overlong western comedy. Its better moments, however, are quite diverting.

Love Me Tender: This isn’t too bad a western except when Elvis Presley, the1 rock ’n roll idol, is dominating the screen with his crude acting and even cruder “singing.” For Presley fans, of course, the film is a rendezvous with destiny.

Man From Del Rio: Anthony Quinn, one of Hollywood’s best actors, scores again in this offbeat western as a sloppy Mexican gunfighter who becomes1 sheriff of a lawless town. Rating: good.

The Teahouse of the August Moon: There is some very funny stuff in Hollywood’s version of the stage comedy about postwar activities in Okinawa, but much of the treatment is disconcertingly broad and farcical. With Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford, Eddie Albert.


Attack!: War drama. Good.

Back From Eternity: Jungle suspense

drama. Good.

Between Heaven and Hell: War. Fair. Bigger Than Life: Drama. Fair.

The Blonde Sinner: Drama. Fair. (Note

original title: Yield to the Night)

The Boss: Crime drama. Fair.

The Brave One: Mexican drama. Good. Bus Stop: Romantic comedy. Fair.

Ctirtieu. Beast of the Amazon: Jungle adventure. Poor.

Dakota Incident: Western. Fair.

Death of a Scoundrel: Drama. Poor.

Everything But The Truth: Romantic comedy. Poor.

French Cancan: Music-drama. Good. Friendly Persuasion: Comedy-drama re American Quakers. Good.

Gold Rush: Chaplin reissue. Excellent. Great American Pastime: Comedy. Fair. Great Day in the Morning: Civil War drama. Fair.

It’s Never Too Late: Comedy. Fair. Julie: Suspense drama. Poor.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent.

The King and I: Music-drama. Tops.

A Lamp Is Heavy: Hospital drama. Fair.

The Last Wagon: Western. Good.

The Long Arm: Detective story. Good. Loser Takes All: Comedy. Fair.

Mohy Dick: Sea drama. Excellent.

My Teenage Daughter: Drama. Fair.

Odongo: Jungle romance. Poor.

The Power and the Prize: Drama of big business. Good.

Reach for the Sky: RAF drama. Good.

Reprisal: Western. Good.

Richard III: Shakespeare. Tops.

Run for the Sun: Suspense. Good.

The Solid Gold Cadillac: Big-business comedy. Excellent.

Storm Centre: Drama. Fair.

La Strada: Italian drama. Good.

Strange Intruder: Drama. Poor.

Teenage Rebel: Drama. Fair.

The Ten Commandments: Bible epic. Dull in spots but vast, reverent.

Tension at Table Rock: Western. Good.

These Wilder Years: Drama. Good.

Timetable: Crime drama. Good.

Toward the Unknown: Air drama. Good.

The Unguarded Moment: Drama. Good. War and Peace: Drama. Good.

You Can’t Run Away From It: Comedy. Fair.