Is it safe not to vote?

January 5 1957

Is it safe not to vote?

January 5 1957

Re your editorial, If They Won’t Vote, Don’t Coax Them (Nov. 10): at first sight your arguments seemed good but on reflection, don’t you think that if we followed this policy it might result in Commies and sectional groups getting into power? These groups do vote and, unless we can get others to offset them by getting them to vote by any reasonable means, we will find ourselves in the shape of some other nations that have followed the policy you suggest.—ARTHUR .J. REYNOLDS, TORONTO.

• Is it not possible for a reasonably intelligent and informed person, as a considered decision, to express his opinion in an election by abstaining from voting? This is done regularly in the United Nations ... I think there are many occasions, at the polls and elsewhere, where it is justifiable not to take sides.-MRS. O. D. BILZ. PEMBROKE, ONT.

Arab refugees never had it so good

In her article. We’ve Earned the Arabs' Hatred (Nov. 10), Dorothy Thompson refers to “nearly a million Arab refugees, living for years now in mass camps, under inhuman conditions.” There were never a million Arabs in Palestine. The refugees are now living under better conditions than they ever hoped to under normal conditions.-DR. A. SLONE, OTTAWA.

The bridge that fell

I was very much interested in your article, The Black Day the Quebec Bridge Fell (Oct. 13), describing the three Quebec bridges and referring especially to the tragedy surrounding the first two. I am enclosing a snapshot taken about July 24, 1915, on my way overseas. The second bridge was then under construction.-DR. NEWTON MAGWOOD, TORONTO.

Only champagne for Tumpane?

Frank Tumpane’s article. I’m in Favor of Censorship (Nov. 24), was most amusing .. . Laws against sedition and blasphemy are absurd. A state that needs protection against seditious writing doesn’t deserve to exist. As for blasphemy, a God who needs such a law obviously does not exist.

Tumpane’s article shows that for the most part he is in favor of high-brow pornography, but opposed to low-brow pornography. He is in favor of champagne. but he turns up his nose at beer.—W. MCEWEN, EDMONTON.

Do trees grow in mid-air?

The pictures on your covers have been anything but artistic. But the Oct. 27 deer hunting cover by Peter Whalley is one of the worst. The way it is drawn—terrible! I have seen better drawing by grade-three students; at least their trees were rooted to the ground.—C. JOUDREY, MAHONE BAY, N.S.

Is the church meddling in Quebec?

I was much interested in your article, The “Religious Crisis" in Quebec Politics (Nov. 10). The political immorality in Quebec is not new to observers of this “isolationist” province . . . The unfortunate aspect of the whole thing is the policy of the clergy meddling in politics to the detriment of the social and economic life of the province . . .

No wonder that this province must be so different from the rest of Canada. I believe the answer is found in the remarks of Lord Macaulay over a century ago, when he said, “The Roman Catholics of Lower Canada remain inert while the whole continent around them is in a ferment with Protestant activity and enterprise.”-A. A. FERGUSON, SYDNEY, N.S.

• I am glad to know that you do not hesitate to expose the unhealthy state of Quebec politics. Party after party follow the same routine of graft, corruption, bribery and intimidation. I know this happens in other provinces too, but it could never stand up to the degrading level it has reached in Quebec.-A. C. DANDURAND, MONTREAL.

• My opinion is that the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec is the government —or, in other words, Mr. Duplessis runs things as the church wants him to.— J. SADLER, OTTAWA.