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CLYDE GILMOUR October 12 1957
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR October 12 1957

Maclean's Movies



TIME LOCK: One of Toronto playwright Arthur Hailey’s

successful CBC television dramas of a year ago has been turned into a powerful movie in Britain, with several transplanted Canadians in the cast. It tells

of a bank accountant's small son (played by Vincent Winter) who wanders unseen into a vault with his new flashlight and is then entombed by a time lock which cannot be opened for sixty-three hours. Robert Beatty is the rugged engineer who takes command of the frantic rescuers.

HELL DRIVERS: A brooding ex-convict (Stanley Baker) runs into all sorts of Satanic double-crossing as a member of a squad of Britons hurtling huge gravel trucks through the peaceful English countryside. An implausible melodrama with a few lively moments.

LET’S BE HAPPY: A high-pressure salesman (Tony Martin) and a small-town charmer on a spree (Vera-Ellen) find romance against the casually observed backdrop of the Edinburgh Festival. An amiable but rather forced AngloAmerican musical.

MIRACLE IN SOHO: A British romantic comedy about a Casanova-like road repairman (John Gregson) and a prim but spirited London damsel (Belinda Lee) who tries to end his wanderings. Rating: fair.

I HE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH: A pleasant comedy from Britain, rich with nostalgia about the movies themselves as a social institution. A young couple (Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna) inherit a broken-down “cinema” and struggle bravely to keep it from being overwhelmed by the celluloid superpalace up the street. Margaret Rutherford, Bernard Miles and Peter Sellers are both pathetic and hilarious as the “flea-pit” attendants.


Across the Bridge: Drama. Good.

The Admirable Crichton: Desert-island comedy-drama. Good.

An Affair to Remember: Romance. Fair.

Band of Ansels: Drama. Fair.

Beau James: Biog comedy-drama. Fair. Brothers in Law: Comedy. Good.

Curse of Frankenstein: Horror. Fair.

Decision Against Time: Drama. Good.

Dino: Delinquency drama. Good.

Doctor at Large: Comedy. Good.

A Face in the Crowd: Satire-on-TV drama. Good.

Fire Down Below: Drama. Poor.

Funny Face: Musical. Excellent.

The Golden Virgin: Drama. Fair.

The Great Man: Drama. Excellent.

The Happy Road: Comedy. Good.

A Hatful of Rain: Drama. Good.

High Tide at Noon: Drama. Fair.

House of Numbers: Jail drama. Fair. How to Murder a Rich Uncle: British comedy. Fair.

Jeanne Eagels: Biog drama. Fair.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent.

The Lonely Man: Western. Fair.

Love in the Afternoon: Comedy. Good.

Man of a Thousand Faces: Lon Chaney biographical drama. Good.

Man on F'ire: Divorce drama. Fair.

The March Hare: Turf comedy. Fair.

The Midnight Story: Whodunit. Good.

The Monte Carlo Story: Romantic comedy-drama. Fair.

The Pajama Game: Musical. Excellent.

The Pride and the Passion: War and sex in Spain. Fair.

The Prince and the Showgirl: British romantic comedy. Good.

The Rising of the Moon: Group of three Irish stories. Fair.

Run of the Arrow: Western. Fair for adults—but gruesome.

Saint Joan: Historical drama. Fair.

Scandal in Sorrento: Comedy. Fair.

The Shiralee: Adventure and drama in Australia. Excellent.

Silk Stockings: Musical. Good.

The Strange One: Drama. Good.

Sweet Smell of Success: Drama. Good.

Tip on a Dead Jockey: Drama. Fair.

This Could Be the Night: Romantic comedy-drama. Good.

3:10 to Yuma: Western. Good.

The Unholy Wife: Melodrama. Poor.

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?: Comedy. Good.