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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR December 21 1957
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR December 21 1957

Maclean’s Movies


BEST BET ZERO HOURS!: Haunted by memories of a wartime disaster in the air, a former RCAF fighter pilot (Dana Andrews) suddenly must take command of a huge airliner after food poisoning knocks out both regular pilots and most of the passengers. A doctor (Geoffrey Toone) and the stewardess (Peggy King) help him steady his nerves, but finally its his estranged wife (Linda Darnell) who rallies to his aid. A crisp and crackling suspense drama with a Canadian locale, adapted from Flight Into Danger, one of the successful TV plays written by Arthur Hailey, of Toronto.

IDE BOLSHOI BALLET: Russia’s celebrated dance company, starring Galina Ulanova, in a ballet program beautifully filmed and recorded in London.

DON’T GO NEAR THE WATER: There are some nourishing laughs in this Hollywood comedy about the misadventures of a U. S. Navy public-relations team on a South Pacific island. With Glenn Ford, Gia Scala, Keenan Wynn, Fred Clark.

JET PILOT: Mysteriously shelved for years before being released, this is an absurd air-action romance co-starring John Wayne as an American ace and Janet Leigh as a flying spy from Moscow. Rating: poor.

KISS THEM FOR ME: Suzy Parker of the fashion models makes a glamorous screen debut opposite the delightful Cary Grant and the tiresomely ovcrintlated Jayne Mansfield in a silly but entertaining comedy about naval fliers on leave in San Francisco.

LUCKY JIM: British university life is lampooned by the film makers who kidded the army in Private’s Progress and the courts in Brothers in Law. It’s quite funny in spots but not up to its predecessors.

THE STORY OF MANKIND: Mankind goes on trial before a High Tribunal of Outer Space in a pretentious, big-budget historical fantasy, a strong contender for inclusion among the Ten Worst Movies of 1957.

TIME LIMIT: The deeper meanings of cowardice and heroism are explored in this excellent Hollywood drama about treason in North Korea. With Richard Widmark, Richard Basehart, Dolores Michaels.


Across the Bridge: Drama. Good.

Action of the Tiger: Drama. Poor.

Brothers in Law: Comedy. Good.

Campbell’s Kingdom: Adventure. Good.

The Careless Years: Drama. Fair.

Decision Against Time: Drama. Good.

The Devil’s Hairpin: Auto-race drama.


Funny Face: Musical. Excellent.

A Hatful of Rain: Drama. Good.

Hell Drivers: Action drama. Fair.

High Tide at Noon: Drama. Fair.

A Hill in Korea: War. Good.

How to Murder a Rich Uncle: British comedy. Fair.

The Invisible Boy: Science fiction. Fair for children; poor for adults.

Jeanne Fageis: Biog drama. Fair.

The Joker Is Wild: Show-biz comedydrama. Good.

Les Girls: Musical. Excellent.

Love in the Afternoon: Comedy. Good.

Man of a Thousand Faces: Lon Chaney

biographical drama. Good.

Miracle in Soho: Comedy. Fair.

The Monte Carlo Story: Romantic comedy-drama. Fair.

My Man Godfrey: Comedy. Fair.

No Down Payment: Drama. Fair.

Operation Mad Ball: Comedy. Good.

The Pajama Game: Musical. Excellent.

Pal Joey: Musical comedy-drama. Good

in spite of big flaws.

Perri: Disney squirrel talc. Good.

Portland Expose: Crime. Poor.

The Prince and the Showgirl: British

romantic comedy. Good.

The Rising of the Moon: Group of three Irish stories. Fair.

The Shiralee: Adventure and drama in Australia. Excellent.

Shortcut to Hell: Suspense. Poor.

Silk Stockings: Musical. Good.

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue: Crime drama. Good.

Slim Carter: Comedy. Fair.

The Smallest Show on Earth: British

comedy. Good.

Story of Esther Costello (formerly The Golden Virgin): Drama. Fair.

The Strange One: Drama. Good.

The Sun Also Rises: Drama. Good.

Sweet Smell of Success: Drama. Good.

3 Faces of Eve: Drama. Fair.

Time Lock: Suspense drama. Good.

Tip on a Dead Jockey: Drama. Fair.

This Could Be the Night: Romantic

comedy-drama. Good.

3:10 to Yuma: Western. Good.

The Unholy Wife: Melodrama. Poor.

Until They Sail: Drama. Good.