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CLYDE GILMOUR August 31 1957
Maclean's Movies

Maclean's Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR August 31 1957

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SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS: It’s not always clear why some of the characters behave the way they do, but writers Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman have turned the latter’s novelette into a screenplay that is quite fascinating in a nasty, serpentine fashion. It’s about a sadistic Manhattan columnist (Burt Lancaster, left) and a fawning press agent (Tony Curtis) and the evil world they inhabit. The film is an impressive debut in Hollywood for Alexander Mackendrick, who directed Tight Little Island and The Ladykillers in Britain.

DECISION AGAINST TIME: A slow but solid British suspense yarn about a test pilot (Jack Hawkins) who tries to land a crippled air freighter instead of parachuting to safety.

THE DELICATE DELINQUENT: In his first “solo” effort Jerry Lewis

offers convincing evidence that he can be just as tiresome all by himself as he could with his ex-partner. Dean Martin. This time he’s a dimwitted weakling who becomes a cop.

DIÑO: A better-than-average drama in ils own crowded category of stories about teen-age hoodlums. Sal Mineo does well in the title role.

A HATFUL OF RAIN: Hollywood’s latest drug-addict picture is the best yet in that department, the theme itself is harrowing, but the story has power and honesty under the direction of Fred Zinnemann, who did High Noon and From Here to Eternity. It is movingly acted by Anthony Franciosa, Eva Marie Saint, Don Murray and Lloyd Nolan.

ISLAND IN THE SUN: A trashy, handsomely photographed melodrama

with a Caribbean locale and a big-budget cast, including James Mason, Joan Fontaine, Harry Belafonte.

LIZZIE: Raped in childhood, a complicated young woman develops three

distinct personalities, all strenuously portrayed by Eleanor Parker. Rating: fair.

MAN ON FIRE: A decent, dullish soap opera in which a non-singing Bing Crosby depicts a rich man embittered by divorce and fiercely resolved to monopolize his eleven-year-old son.


The Admirable Crichton: Desert-island comcdv-drama. Good.

Bachelor Party: Drama. Good.

Brothers in Law: Comedy. Good.

Checkpoint: Road-race drama. Fair.

Desk Set: Comedy. Good.

The D.I.: Marines training-camp comedydrama. Fair.

Doctor at Large: Comedy. Good.

A Face in the Crowd: Satire-on-TV

drama. Good.

Fire Down Below: Drama. Poor.

F'ull of Life: Comedy. Good.

Funny Face: Musical. Excellent.

The Great Man: Drama. Excellent.

The Happy Road: Comedy. Good.

High Tide at Noon: Drama. Fair.

How to Murder a Rich Uncle: British

comedy. Fair.

The Incredible Shrinking Man: Science-

fiction thriller. Excellent.

The Killing: Crime drama. Excellent. The I.ittle Hut: Comedy. Poor.

The Lonely Man: Western. Fair.

Lost Horizon (reissue): Drama. Good. Love in the Afternoon: Comedy. Good.

Maddalena: Drama. Fair.

The Man Who Turned to Stone: Sciencefiction. Poor.

The March Hare: Turf comedy. Fair.

Men in War: War drama. Fair.

The Monte Carlo Story: Romantic

comedy-drama. Fair.

The Prince and the Showgirl: British

romantic comedy. Good.

Public Pigeon No. 1: Comedy. Poor.

Saint Joan: Historical drama. Fair.

The Seventh Sin: Drama. Poor.

The Shiralec: Adventure and drama

in Australia. Excellent.

Silk Stockings: Musical. Good.

Something of Value: Africa drama. Fair.

The Spanish Gardener: Drama. Good.

Stella: Greek sex-drama. Fair.

The Strange One: Drama. Good.

Tammy and the Bachelor: Romantic com e dy-d r a m a. Fa i r.

This Could Be the Night: Romantic

comedy-drama. Good.

Tiger in the Smoke: Drama. Fair.

The Unholy Wife: Melodrama. Poor.

Way to the Gold: Drama. Fair.

Yangtze Incident: British naval-war

drama. Good.