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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR February 15 1958
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR February 15 1958

Maclean’s Movies



THE NAKED TRUTH: The attempt of an eminent authoress (Peggy Mount) to wheedle some knockout drops from an unresponsive pubkeeper (Raymond Rollett) is among the highlights of this broad and noisy comedy from Britain. The novelist is among the victims being blackmailed by the publisher of a scandal magazine (Dennis Price). Some of the clowning is about as subtle as a kick in the pants hut there is a fine zany climax which includes the utter demoralization of Scotland Yard.

BLUE MURDER AT ST. TRINIAN’S: The demure hellions of England's most frightening school for girls are fraudulently sent to Europe as UNESCO ambassadors, with distressing impact on British prestige abroad. A good knockabout farce—with Joyce Grenfell, Richard Wattis, Terry-Thomas, and a muchtoo-brief cameo by Alastair Sim.

DAVY: A fat music-hall comedian with an operatic tenor voice (Harry Secombe) has to choose between Covcnt Garden and family solidarity. Rating: fair.

DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS: By no means an item for casual “family entertainment,” this is nonetheless a powerful drama based on Eugene O Neill s 1924 stage play about greed, adultery and baby-murder on a New England farm in "the 1850s. It is strongly acted by Burl Ives, Anthony Perkins and Sophia I oren.

LEGEND OF THE LOST: Handsomely photographed in the Sahara Desert, this is a farfetched sex-and-sand melodrama about a search for an ancient treasure-citv in the wilderness. With John Wayne, Sophia Loren, Rossano Brazzi.


Across the Bridge: Drama. Good.

April Loves Comedy-drama. Good.

Bolshoi Ballet: Russian dancers in London. Excellent.

Campbell’s Kingdom: Advenlure. Good. Decision Against Time: Drama. Good.

Don't Go Near the Water: Navy-base

comedy. Good.

The Enemy Below: War at sea. Good.

Funny Face: Musical. Excellent.

The Hard Man: Western. Good.

A Hatful of Rain: Drama. Good.

Hear Me Good: Comedy. Poor.

Hell Drivers: Action drama. Fair.

How to Murder a Rich Uncle: British comedy. Fair.

Jailhousc Rock: Musical. Fair—for Elvis Presley fans only.

Jet Pilot: Air romance. Poor.

Kiss Them for Me: Comedy. Good.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover: French sex

drama. Fair.

The Last Bridge: War drama. Good.

Les Girls: Musical. Excellent.

Love in the Afternoon: Comedy. Good.

Lucky Jim: Comedy. Fair.

Man of a Thousand Faces: Lon Chaney biographical drama. Good.

Miracle in Soho:. Comedy. Fair.

Monolith Monsters: Horror. Poor.

My Man Godfrey: Comedy. Fair.

No Down Payment: Drama. Fair.

Old Yellen Boy-and-dog story. Good for youngsters.

The One That Got Away: Escape drama. Good.

Operation Mad Ball: Comedy. Good.

The Pajama Game: Musical. Excellent. Peyton Place: Drama. Good.

The Rising of the Moon: Group of three Irish stories. Fair.

Robbery Under Arms: Adventure in

Australia. Good.

Sad Sack: Jerry Lewis farce. Fair. Satchmo the Great: Globe-trotting jazz

documentary. Good.

Sayonara: Drama. Good.

The Shiraiee: Adventure and drama in

Australia. Excellent.

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue: Crime drama. Good.

The Smallest Show on Earth: British

comedy. Good.

Stopover Tokyo: Spy drama. Poor.

The Story of Mankind: Historical fantasy. Poor.

The Strange One: Drama. Good.

Summer Love: Teen-age drama. Fair. Sweet Smell of Success: Drama. Good.

3 Faces of Eve: Drama. Fair.

Time Limit: Drama. Excellent.

Time Lock: Suspense drama. Good.

The Tin Star: Western. Good.

Tip on a Dead Jockey: Drama. Fair. 3:10 to Yuma: Western. Good.

Woman in a Dressing Gown: British

domestic drama. Fair.

Zero Hour!: Suspense. Good.