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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR March 29 1958
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR March 29 1958

Maclean’s Movies



TEACHER’S PET: In spite of the fact that it becomes unaccountably slow and solemn toward the finish, this is a bright enjoyable comedy about bigcity newspaperdom. Clark Gable, a self-made city editor, despises academic punditry. Tongue in cheek, he enrolls (under a phony name) in Doris Day’s night-school journalism class. Gig Young contributes a lively portrayal of a famed psychologist with a sense of humor.


Writer-director Richard Brooks has done a solid job of filming Dostoevski’s formidable novel about the loves and hates of a guilt-ridden family in nineteenth-century Russia. The able cast includes Canada’s William Shatner, Yul Brynner, Lee J. Cobb, Maria Schell, Richard Basehart.

CHASE A CROOKED SHADOW: Heiress Anne Baxter’s villa in Spain is invaded by a mysterious stranger (Richard Todd) who claims to be her supposedly dead brother, and soon a net of ever-tightening terror is closing around her. A good suspense thriller. With Herbert Lorn, Alexander Knox.

A FAREWELL TO ARMS: This long and often boring tearjerker is a disappointing remake of a 1932 film based on Ernest Hemingway's novel. The widescreen murals of the Italian and Swiss mountains during the 1914-1X war, however, are undeniably spectacular. Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones and Vittorio I3e Sica top the cast.

FORT DOBBS: Clint Walker of TV renown is an old-fashioned western hero —tall, strong, silent, and courteous to man and beast—in a routine settlersversus-redskins melodrama. Virginia Mayo is the comely widder-woman he protects against the savages.

THE QUIET AMERICAN: Audie Murphy is a bland do-gooder from Texas and Michael Redgrave is an empty and cynical English journalist, both of whom are unhappily involved in Indo-China’s ideological turmoil. A garrulous but interesting and civilized screen version of the Graham Greene novel.

WALK INTO HELL: A stalwart Aussie (Chips Rafferty) and a gorgeous French doctor (Françoise Christophe) penetrate into New Guinea’s headhunter regions in a fair adventure drama.


AH Mine to Give: Drama. Fair.

April Love: Comedy-drama. Good. Bolshoi Ballet: Russian dancers in

London. Excellent.

Bonjour Tristesse: Idle-rich drama. Fair.

The Bridge on the River Kwai: Action drama. Tops.

The Brothers Rico: Suspense. Good. Campbell’s Kingdom: Adventure. Good. Davy: Drama with music. Fair.

Decision Against Time: Drama. Good. Desire Under the Elms: Sexy farm

melodrama. Good.

Don’t Go Near the Water: Navy-base comedy. Good.

The Enemy Below: War at sea. Good. Escapade in Japan: Adventurecomedy. Good.

The Hard Man: Western. Good.

A Hatful of Rain: Drama. Good.

High Flight: Air-force drama. Fair.

How to Murder a Rich Uncle: British

comedy. Fair.

The I.ast Bridge: War drama. Good. Legend of the Lost: Adventure. Fair.

Les Girls: Musical. Excellent.

Lucky Jim: Comedy. Fair.

Man in the Shadow: Western. Good. Merry Andrew: Comedy. Good.

Miracle in Soho: Comedy. Fair.

The Naked Truth: Comedy. Good.

No Down Payment: Drama. Fair.

Old Yeller: Boy-and-dog story. Good

for youngsters.

The One That Got Away: Escape drama.

Operation Mad Ball: Comedy. Good.

The Pajama Game: Musical. Excellent.

Paths of Glory: Drama. Excellent.

Peyton Place: Drama. Good.

Raintree County: “Epic” drama. Fair. Robbery Under Arms: Adventure in Australia. Good.

Sayonara: Drama. Good.

The 7 Hills of Rome: Mario Lanza musical comedy. Fair.

The Shiralee: Adventure and drama in Australia. Excellent.

Stopover Tokyo: Spy drama. Poor.

The Strange One: Drama. Good. Summer Love: Teen-age musical drama. Fair.

The Tarnished Angels: Drama. Poor.

Time Lock: Suspense drama. Good.

The Tin Star: Western. Good.

3:10 to Yuma: Western. Good.

Torero!: Bullfight drama. Excellent.

Witness for the Prosecution: Courtroom comedy-drama. Good.