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Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR July 19 1958
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

CLYDE GILMOUR July 19 1958

Maclean’s Movies


BEST BET THE VIKINGS: Kirk Douglas, his left eye blinded by a killer hawk, flamboyantly portrays a Norse warrior in this

spectacular ninth-century adventure. Tony Curtis (left), a rebellious slave, does not know that he and his fierce master are half-brothers. As their father. Ernest Borgnine is a zestful senior Viking, and Janet Leigh is a too-placid princess of Wales whose beauty ignites the frosty fjords. The film, gory and raucous, is a worthy specimen of its kind, and camera-ace Jack Cardiff s color photography deserves an Oscar nomination.

GUNMAN’S WALK: A well-acted, crisply directed western compounded of such over-familiar elements as the autocratic but warmhearted ranch-king (Van Heflin), his noble and ignoble sons (James Darren. Tab Hunter), and a lovely half-breed (Kathryn Grant).

HORROR OF DRACULA: Fiction's No. I blood-sucking vampire (frighteningly played by Christopher Lee) again slumbers by day and kills by night. Morbid and ghoulish though it is, the picture at least has the merit ot taking its hideous story quite seriously.

NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS: Andy Griffith, repeating his famous stage role, is perfectly cast as a Herculean hillbilly whose mammoth friendliness almost paralyzes the United States Air Force. The best moments in this service farce are hilarious but it's much too long and the joke wears thin before the finish.

VERTIGO: Even such a master-craftsman as director Alfred Hitchcock sometimes forgets that more than enough is too much, as he proves in this photogenic San Francisco suspense-mystery, which is still badly in need of the cutter’s shears. However, like most of Mr. FL's products, it offers numerous fascinations along the way. James Stewart is a detective who is afraid of heights, and Kim Novak is a puzzling beauty who may or may not be a murder victim.


All at Sea: British comedy. Good.

All Mine to Give: Drama. Fair.

Another Time, Another Place: Drama.


Bitter Victory: War drama. Fair.

The Bridge on the River Kwai: Action drama. Tops.

The Brothers Karamazov: Drama. Good.

Carve Her Name With Pride: True-life espionage drama. Good.

Chase a Crooked Shadow: British

suspense thriller. Good.

Count 5 and Die: Spy drama. Fair.

Cowboy: Western. Good.

Cry Terror!: Suspense. Good.

Dangerous Exile: Costume drama. Fair.

Desire Under the Elms: Sexy farm melodrama. Good.

The Enemy Below: War at sea. Good.

Fiend Without a Face: Horror. Fair.

Fraulein: Postwar drama. Fair.

Gigi: Musical. Excellent.

The Goddess: Drama. Fair.

God’s Little Acre: Comedy-drama of Deep South. Good.

The Haunted Strangler: Horror. Fair.

High Cost of Loving: Comedy. Good.

Just My Luck: Comedy. Poor.

Kings Go Forth: War drama. Good.

The Long, Hot Summer: Deep South comedy-drama. Good.

The Mark of the Hawk: Africa race-hate drama. Fair.

The Matchmaker: Comedy. Fair.

Merry Andrew: Comedy. Good.

Miracle in Soho: Comedy. Fair.

Miracle of Marcelino: Drama. Good.

The Naked Truth: Comedy. Good.

Paris Holiday: Comedy. Fair.

Paths of Glory: Drama. Excellent.

Peyton Place: Drama. Good.

Portrait of a Princess (formerly Story of Vickie): Comedy-drama. Fair.

Rififi: Crime drama. Good.

Rooney: British comedy. Good.

Run Silent, Run Deep: Submarine drama. Good.

Saddle the W'ind: Western. Good.

St. Louis Blues: Biography with music.

Screaming Mimi: Suspense. Poor.

The Sheepman: Western comedy-drama.


Stakeout on Dope Street: Narcotics melodrama. Fair.

Teacher’s Pet: Comedy. Good.

Ten North Frederick: Drama. Good.

Touch of Evil: Drama. Fair.

Violent Playground: Drama. Fair.

Windom’s Way: Drama. Good.

Witness for the Prosecution: Courtroom comedy-drama. Good.

The Young Lions: War drama. Good.