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BEST BET GIGI: The My Fair Lady words-and-music team of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe has captured a somewhat similar mood and atmosphere in this gay and handsome screen musical, based on Colette’s naughty novel about turn-of-the-century Paris. Leslie Caron is a coltish petite who blossoms into a femme fatale, and Louis Jourdan is the playboy who presides over the transfiguration. Hermione Gingold (left) is Gigi’s prim but frisky grandmama. The excellent cast also includes Maurice Chevalier and Isabel Jeans. The songs are pleasant, although nobody in the film ever quite gets around to singing them in full voice.

GOD’S LITTLE ACRE: Hollywood has done a solid job of filming Erskine Caldwell's lusty novel about the physical and fiscal yearnings of a tribe of Poor White Trash in the Deep South. As Ty Ty, the head of the clan, Robert Ryan gives the best performance of his career.

JUST MY LUCK: Norman Wisdom in a strained and noisy racetrack farce from Britain.

THE MATCHMAKER: Several hearty laughs are mingled with an air of excessive coyness in this period comedy, starring Shirley Booth as a marriage counselor in Yonkers in 1884. With Anthony Perkins, Shirley MacLaine, Paul Ford.

THE MIRACLE OF MARCELINO: This lovely little Spanish film about twelve monks and a boy foundling was mentioned here in 1956 but was not released in Canada until recently. It now has dubbed English dialogue.

TEN NORTH FREDERICK: The movie is long but not long enough to clarify all the plot strands in Hollywood’s version of the John O’Hara novel. In the main, however, it’s a civilized and interesting drama about a poker-faced lawyer (Gary Copper) whose life contains many hidden turmoils. With Geraldine Fitzgerald, Diane Varsi, Suzy Parker, Tom Tully.


All at Sea: British comedy. Good.

All Mine to Give: Drama. Fair.

Another Time, Another Place: Drama.


Bitter Victory: War drama. Fair.

The Bridge on the River Kwai: Action drama. Tops.

The Brothers Karamazov: Drama. Good.

Carve Her Name With Pride: True-life espionage drama. Good.

Chase a Crooked Shadow: British suspense thriller. Good.

Cowboy: Western. Good.

Cry Terror!: Suspense. Good.

Dangerous Exile: Costume drama. Fair.

Davy: Drama with music. Fair.

Desire Under the Elms: Sexy farm melodrama. Good.

The Enemy Below: War at sea. Good.

The Goddess: Drama. Fair.

The Gypsy and the Gentleman: Costume melodrama. Fair.

High Cost of Loving: Comedy. Good.

Kings Go Forth: War drama. Good.

The Lady Takes a Flyer: Aviation adventure-romance. Fair.

Lafayette Escadrille: Air-war and romance. Poor.

The Long, Hot Summer: Deep South comedy-drama. Good.

Macabre: Horror-melodrama. Poor.


The Mark of the Hawk: Africa race-hate drama. Fair.

Marjorie Morningstar: Show-business romantic drama. Good.

Merry Andrew: Comedy. Good.

Miracle in Soho: Comedy. Fair.

The Naked Truth: Comedy. Good.

Paris Holiday: Comedy. Fair.

Paths of Glory: Drama. Excellent.

Peyton Place: Drama. Good.

Portrait of a Princess (formerly Story of Vickie): Comedy-drama. Fair.

Rififi: Crime drama. Good.

Rooney: British comedy. Good.

Run Silent, Run Deep: Submarine drama. Good.

Saddle the Wind: Western. Good.

St. Louis Blues: Biography with music. Poor.

Screaming Mimi: Suspense. Poor.

The Sheepman: Western comedy-drama.


Teacher's Pet: Comedy. Good.

Touch of Evil: Drama. Fair.

Underwater Warrior: Frogman comedydrama. Fair.

Violent Playground: Drama. Fair. W'indom’s Way: Drama. Good.

Witness for the Prosecution: Courtroom comedy-drama. Good.

The Young Lions: War drama. Good.