September 13 1958


September 13 1958



* Nobody's neutral about bachelor girls

I agree with her from beginning to END.-YVONNE LANTAGNE, QUEBEC CITY.

* Did the Canadian businessmen swallow Red propaganda? No mourners for our exploded myths

^ I have quite a respect for anyone who remains single instead of being wangled into marriage by some battleaxe (male or female) who is not happy, and hates the thought of someone else being SO.-PATRICK G. COPE, WINNIPEG.

Marjorie Earl’s article, Canada Hates Single Women (Aug. 16), was an interesting example of projection. Basically, she presented the point of view of those who feel guilty and inadequate for not being married, but who believe that it is “society” that is accusing them. There are many single women in Canada who are not subject to these feelings of guilt and insecurity, and who can therefore lead very full and satisfying lives without interpreting every reaction of “society” as an accusation

* Canada does not hate single women, and they are not considered freaks . . . Only a spinster could catalogue so many silly, warped, and biased opinions on which she forms such low-down CONCLUSIONS.-WILL W. WARNOCK, UNITY,


^ She says: “Millions of women who value dignity and integrity . . . will still refuse to be the spoils of combat.” If we all adopt the Earl outlook, no man, mature or otherwise, would want to touch the spoils with a ten-foot pole. — (MISS) SUE O’HARA, MONTREAL.

** I well recall when Canadian men were adventuresome, colorful and courageous. Perhaps that’s why I feel appalled when I look around me today.


Challenger for ugliest-river crown

So you think the Don is a crumb-bum river in Toronto? You should see the

Bull’s River in Yorkton. Originally, the townsite was moved two miles west because of it. And today it looks like it looked in the Thirties—only stagnant pools here and there, dry, its ugly bottom exposed, the rubbish hurlings left for everyone’s gaze, no water left for the nude SWIM.-STAN OBODIAC,


View of Russia: clear or cloudy?

Congratulations for publishing An Unusual New View of Russia (Aug. 16). I feel that open-minded articles such as this, which are too seldom published, are vitally important at this

time. We found it both interesting and ENLIGHTENING.-MRS. AUDREY THORPE,


* If it still takes two and half Russians to match in one hour the production of an average Canadian worker, the predictions of superiority seem farfetched. It indicates that some of these business leaders have fallen prey to the depressing tendency to deprecate ourselves and accept Red propaganda.—


What young man wouldn’t?

Re: Backstage with Fashion (Aug. 16).

The figures are all pretty trim in the


And figures say Marilyn’s figure is least. But, to get your full share Of the sweet and the fair,

If you’d settle for none but the best: Young man, you’ll have to GO WEST.


Revelation of a telephone operator

John Mowry’s article, The Awful Revelations of a Streetcar Driver (Aug. 16), was terrific. Being a telephone operator, I know just how he feels. We get just about the same treatment. People think we are robots, not human beings.—


^ ... it brought laughter and tears, reminding me of eleven years’ travel on the Bloor Line. Now, living in suburbia, all these travails are gone: But woe will be me if my Chevy ever fails, as the public transportation is practically NONEXISTENT.-DOROTHY M.


Anyone else in favor of changes?

Mr. Lower (A New Book that Challenges our Myths, Aug. 2) certainly hit the nail on the head. It is about time Canadians had the nerve to come out from behind their pseudo-patriotic shells and truthfully appraise their country. I only hope there are a few other Canadians, besides himself and me, who are sick at heart when they see Canada wasting away so tragically, and who would like to see changes MADE.-JOHN ABRAMS, VANCOUVER.

* I hope the second article with excerpts from the new book by A. R. M. Lower won’t be too long away.—


Prof. Power’s second article will appear in Maclean’s Oct. 25 issue.



Continued front page 4

/Come aboard, Marines! ¿/Who’s the art lover?

THE POLICY of abandoning our friends because they are far away and of supporting government by assassination as set, forth in your Aug. 16 editorial seems to me to be the height of cynicism. The mistake the U. S. and Canadian governments made was in not supporting Britain in the Suez affair . . . should the Western world renounce all dignity and honor for the sake of mere survival?— HAROLD K. WELLS, STANSTEAD, QUE.

y Your editorial . . . was excellent. I'm sending copies to my friends in Scotland, England, Australia, America, Holland, Lebanon. Jordan and Israel.—


v* The day it will take American marines to secure Canadian independence and prevent Communist subversion in this country. I will be among millions of Canadians who will welcome the ‘'occupation” of Ottawa.—v. LINTS, OTTAWA.

I* The most thoughtful editorial I have read in Maclean's for a long time. That the government of John Diefenbaker should ape the Liberal surrender to U. S. dictates proves that we are as no other nation in the world, without a national LEADERSHIP.-JAS. B. BELL, MONTREAL.

“A gem” of a cover

I congratulate artist Gabriel Bastien on his first cover (July 5). It is a gem. I wonder who he had in mind when he drew the tourist in the portrait gallery? 1 went into fits of laughter thinking it looked so much like Prime Minister Macmillan of England. — MRS. E. D. STRICKLAND, TORONTO.

Actors can't act? Nonsense

In Background, July 19, you quote an unidentified National Film Board producer as saying, ‘‘Canadian character actors can’t play anyone except themselves.” 1 know the directors and producers in the NFB pretty well and 1 know of none who holds this view. I also know the work of a good many Canadian actors pretty well. It is my opinion that, as in any other profession, there are some who are poor, some who are adequate and some who are extremely good. And I consider that the statement. as published, is nonsense. —


Nonsense or not, the statement was made hy an NFB producer.

That vivid (?) Vancouver

Many thanks for the Holiday Week End in Vancouver by Stuart Keate (July 5). It was all so vividly portrayed, and made one re-live most of the spots. It was SPLENDID!-VIOLET FIELD, EDMONTON.

P* The man from Victoria writes well but I just didn't like his impressions. I guess that is why he chooses to live in VICTORIA.-MRS. DORA MCKINNON, TEMA-


It Is Easy

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